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Update: Unlimited iTunes subscription is all rumor

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Mar 2008 15:28 User comments (4)

Update: Unlimited iTunes subscription is all rumor Yesterday we reported that the Financial Times was claiming that there was talk of an unlimited subscription to the iTunes Store in the works and that the only catch would be a premium on the price of iPods and other mobile Apple products.
According to Business Week however, the claims are largely unfounded although there have been talks for an iTunes subscription model being floated around for months. The FT report claimed that for a $20-$100 USD premium on the price of iPods and iPhones users would have unlimited access, DRM-free, to iTunes music. The added revenue from the sales of the devices would then be "distributed appropriately amongst record labels."

The latest Business Week report however completely contradicts the last report. "Insiders at major music labels" have supposedly dismissed the rumors completely although Apple has yet to make an official comment.

We will keep you updated on any developments.

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4 user comments

120.3.2008 17:02

I guess if its too good to be true it probably is. However, as I stated earlier if I could get the music DRM-Free I would be more than happy to pay the premium.

220.3.2008 21:42

this would be great if it is gonna really happen. although im rooting against it because i personally despise ipods and ALMOST all apple products.

321.3.2008 8:16

I've never bought anything from iTunes/other online music shops, and you could probably count the number of tracks I've pirated on one hand, but an unlimited DRM free subscription would be a real temptation...

Shame if it's just rumors, but oh well :(

428.3.2008 5:32

To highlight the whole subject here on iTunes and iPods, such a frustrating discuss. They should not put out a product that will take but, not give back. If they aren't doing enough research on the product to make sure it is compatable with a PC then don't put it out there without knowing the product itself. To get the updates to my iPod was a 2 hour job then download iTunes upgraded to the lastest verzion was any better cuz nothing worked anyways. And what really fried my buns after 4-5 hours of reading and searching Apple products, finally something looked like a go. Okay so, iTunes made a copy of all my 3,500 + songs. 2 copies of that space taking up, no problem I can deleate all the ones in my folder now that I put them into iTunes and save space on my computer...least to say I lost every song I had on my computer and now I can't get back my songs from iTunes. Let me please remind you that I am not stupid when it comes to computers. ("Apple" works with "Apple") and is NOT stable with PC, although they say it is. Apple iTunes has a compleate different song format that you can not get converted back. Rumors or not, despite my huge library that took many years to build not a temptation to ever have anything to do with unstable, mislead, products that sound so appealing to buy. If anyone knows something I don't please let me know...
All they had to say was "Fix the problem and buy an Apple computer." So, for all yense looking into updating your iPods and iTunes with a "PC" or buying "beware". And good luck to you!

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