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China shuts down video sharing sites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Mar 2008 18:53 User comments (6)

China shuts down video sharing sites The Chinese government will be shutting down or "punishing" dozens of video-sharing sites that carry content deemed pornographic, violent or a threat to national security, announced a regulator yesterday. The news comes as China tries to tighten Internet control over the country.
Recently, the Chinese government blocked all access to YouTube after videos of protests in Tibet surfaced on the site.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, which made the announcement, noted that, China's most popular video-sharing site, was among the sites that was being penalized.

Rules that had taken effect on January 31st ban Chinese sites from posting or distributing online video that "involves national secrets, hurts the reputation of China, disrupts social stability or promotes pornography." With the upcoming Beijing Olympics, the government is hoping to stop any bad media that might tarnish the event.

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6 user comments

121.3.2008 19:06

Ultrasurf anyone? I really don't expect to see the Chinese communist country to last my life time. This is just a step closer to a revolt that is surly to come.

222.3.2008 0:23

poor people soon.. though i think it will end:)

322.3.2008 0:57

go get 'em china!

422.3.2008 1:45

DAM its getting dangerous for them

522.3.2008 9:29

Even though not everyone likes China, and especially for their controls, more countries could try the China way of things. Lately all you hear from gov't is "we can do this cause another country is doing it". In Canada the argument for more cameras on the city streets is because "look at Britain, they are doing it". In the US, the argument for more tracking chips for money and passports and even for humans is "well, I have seen another country do it and it is for the betterment of our people". What I am trying to say in a long breath is, no one country is more deceptive or controlling than say "that one", cause in time all of our countries will be doing the same thing. Which I believe will be the total control of everything we as "the people" do. And there isn't anything we "the people" will do about it because we have been taught to accept what we are told without question. We have given our rights over to gov't to control and done it happily, in the guise of for safety. (sorry if off topic)...

623.3.2008 6:09

Originally posted by badkrma:
Even though not everyone likes China, and especially for their controls, more countries could try the China way of things.

you mean kill everyone who dares to disagree with them ? whilst i appreciate what you say about governmental big brother control , I donīt think holding China up as an example of the way to go is anything less than alarming - they have the most brutal oppressive regime in the world along with Mugabeīs Zimbabwe.
the reason for piracy and copyright relaxation over there has nothing to do with a noble idea of freedom or personal liberty and everything to do with a complete lack of respect for everything and everyone else - they are not involved themselves ( the leaders ) so they donīt give a damn - that extends to fake drugs which kill thousands every year as well.
this measure is nothing more than a false token to the West to say "look at us, we are good guys really ( oh and by the way keep investing and trading with us even though we pollute the planet more thna any other country and keep 95% of our people in absolute poverty and misery )" - sad pathetic and evil

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