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Two new short guides added

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Mar 2008 0:35

Two new short guides added Lately we have been working hard on catching up on some guide requests and getting much of the site's content updated. Most of the time we have been forgetting to write our progress to news items. A short while ago, we added two short guides to the AfterDawn guide section. The first guide shows how to Edit and Delete buttons with PGCEdit.
The guide is by no means a "PGCEdit" guide and avoids posting excessive information on DVD structure or VM commands as such. It simply is there for users who have cut out content (extras, subtitles, audio) while backing up DVDs and want to remove the option to use them from the menu, or to copy the commands of certain buttons (like English language selection, or country selection) to all of the other options that are no longer on the disc.

Edit and Delete DVD Menu buttons with PGCEdit:

The second short guide is just a continuation of the playback guide series. This time the topic is "How to play AAC" as it has increased in popularity in audio trade on the Internet due to its higher-than-MP3 quality. It covers the three easiest players for AAC (VLC, iTunes, Foobar 2000) and also shows how to play AAC with any DirectShow-based player (Windows Media Player etc.). It is by no means a guide for an experienced user, but is a good reference for new users on the forum who might ask about the format.

How to play AAC files:

We have a ton more content and several more longer and interesting articles in the works at the moment, so keep an eye out, and as always, we are open to feedback and requests.

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