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PS3 firmware update to allow 'portable copy' of Blu-ray to PSP?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Mar 2008 18:08 User comments (8)

PS3 firmware update to allow 'portable copy' of Blu-ray to PSP? According to reports floating around the net, of which sources include PC World, the upcoming firmware update for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console would allow a "Portable Copy" feature for the PSP. Basically, the feature would allow owners of a PS3 and a PSP copy a standard-definition version of a movie from a Blu-ray disc to the PSP's MemoryStick DUO. One could assume that if was true, these copies would be protected somehow.
What isn't part of the report however is exactly "how" this would work. Would it be a standard-definition copy of the movie on a Blu-ray disc that can be directly downloaded to the PSP (or other supporting portable device) -- as has been reported and demonstrated -- or could the PS3 itself be used to create an SD copy from any currently available Blu-ray title? The latter is probably unlikely, but the former has been known to be in plans for quite a while.

However, don't get celebrating just yet, as apparently Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) recently contacted Kotaku to deny that this feature would be available with the next firmware update, so we can probably scratch this one too. The rumors may have started as a result of the CES 2008 demonstration of this exact feature and Sony's announcement then that the feature would arrive "with" BD Live, so at least it was probably a good guess and not just another baseless rumor.

The update makes the PlayStation 3 (PS3) technically the first Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player, providing support for Internet content amongst other extra features. It also improves the support for DivX and WMV playback, and will provide new Internet browser and additional A/V settings.

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8 user comments

124.3.2008 19:08

Isn't this old news?

224.3.2008 20:19

Depends on what you mean by old, it's probably a couple of days old depending on where you read, PS3-specific sites probably reported it a couple of days ago, I know the PC world article was dated 22nd, but it didn't mention SCEA's denial so I thought it was worth clarifying.

324.3.2008 20:23

I thought Sony mentioned this possibility a long time ago...

424.3.2008 21:53

Yes, as the article said they demonstrated it at CES but nobody knew when it was coming

524.3.2008 23:54

A little old, my friend bought Hitman on BlueRay last week and has a copy of the movie on his IPod. Almost the same thing it sounds like to me.

625.3.2008 0:13

so this is ok? but copying a dvd for your own back is still illegal?...

725.3.2008 11:48

Originally posted by navi1199:
so this is ok? but copying a dvd for your own back is still illegal?...
I here's ok if they control it; if they give you a SD copy that most likely has some form of DRM on it. If they provide that, then in their eyes, there shouldn't be a need for backing up any movie from any format. Since BR can hold so much more data, it's probably pretty easy to throw in a 3+GB SD movie on their, as long as there are restrictions on how it is accessed and viewed.
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828.3.2009 9:28

where can i get blank blu ray discs any ideas guys

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