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Verizon defends 'uncompressed HD' claims

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Apr 2008 21:15 User comments (10)

Verizon defends 'uncompressed HD' claims Verizon is citing a widely publicized article in which an HDTV enthusiast on the AVS Forum experimented with Verizon's FiOS and Comcast's HD offerings to defend a potentially misleading advertisement claim. The testing found that Comcast's re-compressing of HD video (to make way for more channels) had very undesirable results for customers. The quality comparison showed that Comcast quality was pale in comparison to FiOS in recordings taken of the same program, on the channels at the same time.
Sure, Verizon has every right to smile and tout about the results, but an advertisement campaign which claims that FiOS TV offers "pure uncompressed High Definition," could be considered as badly misleading. While FiOS does not re compress its video content, the content providers do compress it before providing it to cable companies.

"It's true that content owners compress their video before sending it to video service providers," Verizon media relations director Bobbi Henson said in an e-mailed statement. "But we forward the signal to our customers the way that we receive it."

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10 user comments

16.4.2008 10:26

i really really hate comcast, they are overpriced and build monopolies in areas.....

26.4.2008 13:44

Fios is pricy...

36.4.2008 13:44

Fios is pricy...

46.4.2008 13:53

Originally posted by rosedog:
Fios is pricy...
Very true, but I'll be there with bells on if it shows up in my area. The best I can get is 3 Mbps/256Kbps DSL which sucks when there's a need to frequently upload multimedia files to an FTP server. I would gladly pay even $60 a month for that kind of service.
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56.4.2008 21:50

the only problem i have with fios is its not in my area. i hope they speed things up and get it more widley avaliable. the best we have in my area is time warner. its 8m down and 512 up and the hd channels are so-so. from what ive read the fios will be about the same price but better.

67.4.2008 2:17

Time Warner's not bad, especially if you have their Roadrunner which gives you speeds of 15m down and 1m up at least here in wisconsin. Also, thoise compressions and uncompressed vids are hardly noticeable to the average person watching TV...give me a break. Oh yea, Comcast SuCkS!!

78.4.2008 16:38

fios cant roll out tv in my area (manhattan) untill all the cable providers' contracts with NYC expire, i should check when that will be. could be f#cking years, free market my ass.

all i can get is fios internet, i have to use time warner for tv and internet or it would be outragiously expensive (it already is). i have time warner tv and road runner internet. the internet is OK, but i do live in a massive apartment building so i do consider that in my review, still if im paying for something i expect to get what i pay for regaurdless of my surounding area, if the internet is slower in huge aprtment buildings then they should charge me less.

its SUPPOSED to be 6mbps, its no where near as fast as that, and they throttle all the p2p progs like its going out of style. at my work i get dl speeds from at around 500 kbps, at my house its a paltry 100kbps. this game ISPs play with lying about dowload speeds and throttling all the shit we need fast speeds for anyway seriously needs to stop.

the way cable and ISP companies treat me just drives me further and further to steal sat feeds and buy a used router and hack it and steal internet (bonus of stealing sat feeds; the HD wont look like hot garbage!). if you rape us for long enough well just turn it around and rape you right back.

812.4.2008 16:05

so in other words does verizon compress or not?

921.4.2008 18:42

Originally posted by FredBun:
so in other words does verizon compress or not?

wow your a senior member but didn't read the article...
they don't compress at all but what they get like all other Companies is already compressed...

more less comcast compresses the already compressed Content.
and Verizon does not.

1021.4.2008 23:03

senior member smenior member, who cares what kind of member I am, I read the article carefully, but read what the other members had to offer besides the article itself, and read in between the lines, chez, always somebody has to come back with one of those (you should have read the article cause the answer is there stupid)remarks, my apology cause you are perfect, yeah right, and many times I agree more to what members say or think besides the articles themselves, unless it's a put dowm , hint, my how our days must be boring.

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