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Flickr to add video streaming

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Apr 2008 16:14 User comments (3)

Flickr to add video streaming Flickr, the well known photo sharing site, has announced that it will begin offering video Streaming in an effort to rival the dominant market leader, YouTube.
Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo!, made the announcement today but with a hitch. Movies will be Limited to only 90 seconds long and 150 MB in size. The movies will be shown as thumbnails next to user's uploaded photos.

All Flickr visitors "will be access all of the tools for videos that they can currently for photos - namely users can add comments, captions, comments, geotags, and privacy restrictions so only friends or family may view their videos." The videos can also be embedded on other sites.

Flickr's staff said the new decision was based on the fact that an increasing number of digital cameras and DSLRs offer video recording. Although it will now offer video streaming, the company insists it does not want to be the next YouTube and instead wants a more personal touch for friends and family to upload short movies.

"People aren't using YouTube to share their personal short-form video clips",
said a Flickr spokesperson.

"Ninety seconds helps us define that rebroadcasting commercial content is not what this site is for",
added Neilson.

The only other hitches are that only "pro" subscribers will have the ability to add videos and the site only supports AVI, MPEG, and MOV formats.

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3 user comments

19.4.2008 23:33

My first thought? Simply because it's Yahoo, it might have caught on a lot more so than others. However Youtube still seems to have a stronghold as king of the FREE video clip sites. The "only other hitches are that only 'pro' subscribers will have the ability to add videos" stipulation is a REAL buzzkill.

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29.4.2008 23:42

agree with hobbes, youtube would be the best :) . But it will be great that flickr has online vid stream too.

310.4.2008 3:21

yeah but on youtube it's easier to download vids from but in flickr
they're all in different formats think how much harder it will be to download the vid's.I mean think about it on youtube you can download them quick with programs from like flv.grabber or cinema forge or wii video 9.other than that you're out of luck you'll need to find an ultimate download program that's free which'll be hard think i mean take a long time and think if you'll ever find a program like that.
you might not thats my point and that's why i would stick /w youtube
i mean im a member of both yahoo and youtube but do i use yahoo that much. . . .no! . . .no! i don't you know why cause i only use yahoo for email and thats it and im not trying to sound rude but i have no reasons to use yahoo for anything else but email cause i use youtube for
my vid's and stuff i mean i respect yahoo but i respect youtube more i mean i can make a personalized page /w youtube and upload and download
vid's off youtube can you do that /w yahoo . . . no! still i also respect yahoo just not as much and i've made my point he heh end transmission. nah just playing but seriously this is from:zero_umashi.

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