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Netblender to blend iPod/iPhone with Blu-ray?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2008 0:47 User comments (3)

Netblender to blend iPod/iPhone with Blu-ray? Netblender will soon offer the ability to owners of an iPhone or an iPod touch that will allow the handheld devices to integrate with Blu-ray hardware. This new technology that will link Blu-ray equipment and content to the popular Apple devices, BD Touch, will allow users to perform certain tasks such as using an iPod or an iPhone as a remote control for Blu-ray equipment.
"The sophisticated user interface of the iPhone enables greater user interaction as well as the power to leverage the iPhone’s existing network. Search, e-commerce and advertising possibilities related to movie content abound when one imagines real-time communication between the iPhone and the content currently being displayed on a Blu-ray player," the company says.

Features that are mentioned include possibly using Blu-ray players to send digital copies of movies to an iPod or iPhone, and enabling both to sync video content in this manner. The company is expected to give more information on Thursday.

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3 user comments

110.4.2008 7:19

Even if the technology were to be released I can't see it being widely used. Because let's face it, movies are really the last thing on your iPhone. And I don't see why I would want my phone to act as a remote when the manufacturer's one is right there. Then the question is, how many people that have a blu-ray player also have an iPhone?

210.4.2008 8:21

but there's also the iPod Touch people can use that doesnt have an iPhone, and surely people use that for movies alot. Sure it may not be common but i can see people owning an iPod Touch and a Blu-ray Player/PS3. They're about the same price range so those that can afford one can afford both. Whether other may think its dumb or useless, I think it never hurts to have more fuctions so we can choose how we want to use our products. Well i think they have this same fuction but as well more by using a PSP with a PS3 so i'd prefer using that way. As well a IMO a PSP is more fuctional then the iPod Touch because it can play games, tho minus no internal HDD space, but its alot cheaper even when getting an affordable memory stick. =)

310.4.2008 9:12


Second on that bro, Its weird to say "no thanx" to technology... even if you put just one movie at the time, still great improvement, easier sync have been my dream always. About remote control, hmmm
And I don't see why I would want my phone to act as a remote when the manufacturer's one is right there

Yeaaa... you could have given a better comment, a touch screen controller is the dream of any enthusiastic. would be nicer to add TV functionality too.

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