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SlingCatcher will ship 'when its ready'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Apr 2008 3:44 User comments (1)

SlingCatcher will ship 'when its ready' There have been several unconfirmed reports around the Internet recently that indicate Sling Media's SlingCatcher will be delayed until late this year. The SlingCatcher allows content to be streamed back to a television set while the company's Slingbox allows users to access content at home from anywhere in the world they can get online and sign in.
The SlingCatcher was supposed to hit the market in early 2007, but has since been marred with several delays. Engadget posted an email exchange between a user and Sling Media's VP of Sales Greg Wilkes which partially read: "Will the catcher ship in Q2? No. We are upgrading the user experience and making enhancements to the feature set. These may or may not all ship at the same time. Will the Catcher ship in '08? All indications point to this happening in 2008."

Betanews contacted he company to ask for a comment on the answer. "SlingCatcher will ship when it is ready and meets the high expectations we have set for ourselves at Sling Media," the site was told. EchoStar's acquisition of Sling Media may be a reason for a further delay as further enhancements to the device may now be made, or perhaps incorporation into EchoStar's Dish Network property.

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1 user comment

113.4.2008 4:57

The Slingbox is an awesome tool and from the write up the SlingCatcher looks set to be great for home media streaming lets hope the reason for the delay is not the MPAA, as they have tried to stop home media streamers in the past, they only want to give you media if THEY can control it.

This is an easy to use solution for anyone not got their pc rigged up for media streaming.

The best media streamer award has to go to the Squeezebox though, this is the dogs bol****s ppl. btw its for music not tv.

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