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Qualcomm shows MediaFLO in-car media entertainment system at NAB meeting

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2008 0:03

Qualcomm shows MediaFLO in-car media entertainment system at NAB meeting Qualcomm Incorporated unveiled the first-ever MediaFLO technology demonstration broadcast over the air to an in-vehicle entertainment system at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) meeting in Las Vegas. The demonstration showed the flexibility of the MediaFLO platform as well as the delivery methods it can enable in a wide variety of scenarios.
The MediaFLO receiver, integrated in the rear center console, will receive live streaming television broadcasts on the MediaFLO platform at QVGA resolution. The center console controller allows users to launch the electronic channel guide, change channels and access optional features of the MediaFLO System.

"This proof-of-concept demonstration further illustrates the business potential of the MediaFLO platform and the diverse range of inventive mobile broadcast solutions that can be supported. MediaFLO was purpose-built for mobility and speed, making it an ideal platform upon which to build a cost- effective in-vehicle solution that can deployed on a
mass-market scale,"
said Neville Meijers, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm MediaFLO Technologies.

Since the MediaFLO platform employs a dedicated mobile broadcast network, it does not require direct line-of-sight, unlike satellite-based TV transmissions, and video quality and signal strength won't be compromised in crowded metropolitan areas. Furthermore, the platform has been designed for superior mobile reception and can operate efficiently under normal driving conditions on roads and freeways.

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