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iPhone finally coming to Canada?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Apr 2008 18:51 User comments (6)

iPhone finally coming to Canada? If the Toronto Star is to believed, then the Apple iPhone should be available in Canada before the summer.
The article cites "industry contacts" who reveal that Canada's only major GSM cell provider, Rogers, is hoping to introduce the iPhone "in time for it to be included in a campaign promoting touchscreen phones at the company."

Rogers' campaign will most likely start in late May or early June, before Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in which it is widely expected that the company will introduce the 3G model of the iPhone.

Despite its reputation as having the highest-priced mobile data plans of any cellular provider in Canada, Rogers is also the most advanced. About two months ago, the carrier introduced an unlimited data bundle "that gives users both unfettered browsing on most of its devices as well as a set amount of MMS/SMS messages and voicemail." Rogers' also offers advanced 3G network features including "two-way video calling on supporting devices as well as 7.2-megabit HSDPA downloads on portions of its network. The 3G iPhone is understood to use a newer Infineon chipset that would support both normal HSDPA service as well as its faster variety on Rogers."

More information as it becomes available.

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6 user comments

127.4.2008 20:04

Wow Canada still doesn't have the iPhone? That sucks for them.

227.4.2008 21:48

I want to be the first one to welcome you to the 21st century Canada. Though I don't own an IPhone, I've seen pictures of it on the newspaper and it looks like solid piece of technology.

"for those about to rock, we salute you" quote from AC/DC (circa 1980's).

327.4.2008 22:55

Omg, Rogers is suicide. I have nothing else to say.

428.4.2008 14:53

lol...what do u think jony that we live in caves or what? you're making it sound like that. Anyone who would want an iphone already has one because they bought an unlocked one from internet...not everyone has 500 dollars to whip out for a phone.

528.4.2008 15:28

for all of you who think we are stuck in our igloos and crap, were not. everyone is behind in technlogy, or at least for the most part if you live in north america. we all know asia is killing us in technology, so for all of you who think we suck, we dont, were just not in a rush to waste our money into these big name companies.

628.4.2008 16:07

Not having Rogers carry the phone has not stopped the hundreds of thousands of people from going to the states and buy one to unlock it and bring it back. I bet if you look at sales states, the Walden Galleria mall Apple store must have one of the highest figures.

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