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3G iPhone will only be 100 in UK?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Jun 2008 15:57 User comments (6)

3G iPhone will only be 100 in UK? According to internet and print reports, it appears that the 3G iPhone could hit the UK with a 100 price tag, thanks to carrier O2 subsidizing the cost of the phone.
Apple could be using this new strategy with O2 to help boost sales and help the company hits its 10 million iPhone sales target for the year.

Although still not officially confirmed, Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the 3G model at this years WWDC08 developer event on June 9th.

In the UK however, the Times says "a source close to the deal" has revealed that the model will hit shelves in early July.

Ben Wood, a CCS Insight analyst, added: "They are also looking for more flexibility on how the operators can price the iPhone, although I am not convinced that they will let them have open season on the price, as they have a lucrative iPod market to protect".

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6 user comments

12.6.2008 18:34

What we will do for advertising !

22.6.2008 19:41

dam, that means the iphone is going to be the next motorola razr. it was cool when it came out, but now everyone has it and hates it.

33.6.2008 17:27

and an even more extortionate monthly rate (maybe 55) for a longer period (maybe 2+ years)

44.6.2008 2:07

useful info.

56.6.2008 8:39

if you work it out on paper its only going to be on a 24 month contract.

However i will belive the price when i see it but like dragnandy it maybe 2 little 2 late, which all the existing iphone fan boys already signed and stuck on a contract with their existing iphone....

66.6.2008 16:01

i very much doubt every1 who wanted an iphone bought one...think about canada which still doesnt have the iphone available (people still buy them and unlock them from usa) also there is all of asia(countries like japan,india,china) they could easily reach their goal if they set a reasonable price in these countries. one rumor ive been hearing though that the iphone well cost about $700 in canada :S which would be rediculous because nobody would every buy one when they could go to the states and buy it for $300 less and just dl a program to unlock it.

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