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Sanyo brings two HD projectors stateside

Written by Dave Horvath @ 02 Jun 2008 12:29 User comments (2)

Sanyo brings two HD projectors stateside Last week, Sanyo had announced an addition of two new projectors for its X-series line in Japan. Recently the company has announced that those same two projectors will come to the United States this summer with a significantly lower price tag than that of the Japanese models. The PLC-XC55 and PLC-XC50 are two bright projectors boasting 3100-luens and 2600 lumens respectively and feature security implementations and a more advanced almost maintenance-free filters.
For security, both units have theft deterrents with Sanyo's integrated security bar to affix the units in place and wires that are 11mm thick. Additionally, to operate the device, an electronic PIN code is required to unlock it. Sanyo's easy-maintenance filter technology, AMF, uses 10 layers of filter material, each which is claimed to last about 3,000 hours and then automatically swapped as it becomes dusty.

Both units have an integrated 7-watt speaker and come with closed captioning options. Additionally, blackboard mode and vertical Auto Keystone Correction make large room setup easy. Both projectors are capable of displaying up to 1080i 50/60 or 720 HD resolution via DVI-I or component video inputs. Standard definition signals are had through composite or S-video connections. VGA input and output connections are also available.

The PLC-XC55 and PLC-XC50 will be available in July and sell for $1,995 and $1,495 respectively. This price-point is significantly cheaper than their Japanese counterparts which weigh in at a hefty $3,537 and $3,039

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12.6.2008 12:53

Maybe I'm not as familiar with projectors as I thought, but the CC function is kinda cool to be built in. Would be nice if was 1080p capable though.

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"Its as if McGruff the Crime Dog snuck into our basement, enlisted an army of cellar rats to eat up all of our cheese, and then burned the house down when we finally locked him out instead of just knocking on the front door to tell us the window was open." ~Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback

26.6.2008 23:30

what a complete rip off i got an optoma HD720x which is widescreen and 720p native with component, HDMI and vga for 350 ($700)

damn japs!!

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