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Adobe announces Acrobat 9 with Flash support

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 02 Jun 2008 13:10 User comments (4)

Adobe announces Acrobat 9 with Flash support Adobe Systems has announced the latest version of their Acrobat family of products for PDF creation and viewing. Version 9 of Acrobat will feature the addition of support for Flash video embedded in PDF files.
John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe, said in a press release “With Acrobat 9 we’ve combined the power, reach and richness of two ubiquitous technologies, Adobe Flash and PDF, to empower customers to create engaging experiences, prepare high-quality PDF files and collaborate more efficiently.”

Embedding Flash video in PDF documents will require Acrobat 9 Pro or Pro Extended. Playback will be possible across the entire family of new Acrobat products, including the free Acrobat Reader. Acrobat 9 Pro will also be included in the upcoming release of Adobe Creative Suite 3.3. Both Acrobat 9 and Creative Suite 3.3 are scheduled for a July release.

In 2005 Adobe purchased Macromedia, the creator of Flash. Since that time the format has increased in popularity, thanks in no small part to its use on websites like YouTube.

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4 user comments

12.6.2008 15:35

ooohh so now pdf files will take even more time to load :(
fast pc owner by the way :)

23.6.2008 1:05

Originally posted by chaos_zzz:
ooohh so now pdf files will take even more time to load :(
fast pc owner by the way :)


33.6.2008 12:50

Acrobat & Distiller are 2 key progs for graphic arts and like me a lot of people will never use that, at their bussines at least.
Just hope that there will be an option to not install it, cause Acro is already above 1gb setup.

43.6.2008 13:48

Acrobat is a monster to install. Adding Flash to Pdf documents I just dont understand. Are they trying to create websites in acrobat format? I know you can add hyperlinks and now flash, yeah that's a website.

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