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XM / Sirius merger appears close to conclusion

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 17 Jun 2008 2:29 User comments (6)

XM / Sirius merger appears close to conclusion It's been more than a year and a half since XM and Sirius, the only 2 companies licensed by the FCC to provide satellite radio service, filed for government permission to merge into a single company and service. It took more than a year to get approval from the Justice Department, and nearly 3 months more for FCC chairmain Kevin Martin to announce his position. Now it looks like the merger will be happening soon.
The deal, which must still be approved by the full commission, will reportedly include several concessions from the companies, including the adoption of a tiered model that allows consumers to pay for fewer channels at a lower cost and a general price freeze for the next few years. In addition 8% of all channels will be set aside for non-profit and minority channels.

By the time the matter is decided with a vote it's possible there will be more conditions attached. Both parties have already agreed to all of Chairman Martin's conditions, but the other commissioners will still have a chance to weigh in. No date has been announced for the vote.

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6 user comments

117.6.2008 12:13

It's about time. I may consider signing up again if I can get both of the services features for a low monthly rate.

217.6.2008 13:54

doubt ill get it anyway signed up for a lifetime service after a year see more charges from this company on my cc bill...they refunded me and service along with box were thrown out.

Good for some people I guess..would of been for me if I got what I paid for in the beginning.

317.6.2008 14:06

This is the problem with "licensing". First look how long this process has taken. The government has delayed consumers getting a better service for almost a year and a half. The second problem I have with this is someone in the government is allowed to dictate their personal preferences to a private business. When did the government start requiring 8% of programming be non profit and minority programming. Will Cable TV be next? This is an intrusion into the free market, unequal treatment under the law, and a breach of economic liberties. What scares the hell out of me is businesses has tolerated this intrusion which means it will continue and the people are asleep or dont give a @#$!!!

417.6.2008 18:46

Well I hope that eventually they add some of the Sirius channels for XM Radios. I have XM in my car and I am on my 3 month free trial and I have yet to find a station I can turn on and leave on. I have Sirius channels with my Dish Network and I find I like those stations more.

518.6.2008 17:57

This whole situation is a joke but maybe someday SIRI stock just might go over 3$ again and i will only be stuck 6000$.

FCC stalled because free radio lined there pockets with mass cash causing both companies to bleed out.

No time for Leap frog!!!

620.6.2008 3:00

I've had Sirius for three years now and I couldn't live without it. As soon as the merger is approved they will start their ad campaign and the world will see what they are missing. NFL,NBA,NHL,NASCAR,MLB all teams wherever you are with no blackouts. This is heaven! I'm buying more stock tomorrow! Oh yeah,video feeds are coming too from Sirius as well as feeds to blackberries.

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