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Update: Panasonic denies OLED reports

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Jun 2008 16:16 User comments (3)

Update: Panasonic denies OLED reports Panasonic executives are denying recent reports that they will have a 37-inch OLED TV on the market by 2012, and instead say that the launch date is closer to 2015. Official timelines were not available but the company did say R&D was continuing in Japan.
The recent reports had Panasonic readying commercial OLED displays at its Himeji production facility beginning in 2010. The manufacturer confirms the facility will eventually produce the OLED panels but not in time to have mass-produced displays by 2012.

"We are currently advancing research and development in view of OLED production at IPS Alpha's Himeji Plant for the future, but nothing specific has yet been decided on the commercialization of our OLED TV at the moment," added a spokesperson.

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3 user comments

130.6.2008 10:06

lol..if thay wont drop it by then..and if they wont,come 2015 they will dely it by a year and another and so on..

230.6.2008 10:45

they can't start mass production of something wich ppl won't buy, it's just too expensive + plus most already have hdtv's, doesn't mather the brand they have a tv with hdmi wich will do the job

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330.6.2008 18:02

if you refer to the brand of the tv producing company then thats not that smart as were talking about the OLED tech not the company thats making it and if you refer to the type of HDTV then thats really stupid as the contrast is WAY bigger than reguler tv which i assure you will make others prefer it over LCD and bout what you said bout the production cost..your right but thats not what i meant im saying that by the time it'll become possible theyll either drop it or keep delaying it cuz of unknown problems..

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