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Onkyo bringing Blu-ray player to market

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Jul 2008 15:13 User comments (6)

Onkyo bringing Blu-ray player to market Onkyo has announced that despite switching to Blu-ray support in February after the demise of rival HD DVD, its first Blu-ray player will not be available until the holiday season of this year.
The player is designed to integrate with Onkyo's high-end A/V receivers and will have full 1080p/24 support through HDMI 1.3a as well as audio decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Before Toshiba pulled the plug on HD DVD, Onkyo revealed it had sold just over 2000 players. The company claimed to be an "enthusiastic" supporter of the format at the time.

Onkyo did not give an exact release date or pricing but that information should be available soon.

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6 user comments

15.7.2008 18:35

If they were an "enthusiastic supporter" and only sold 2,000 players then it's not surprising it went down the pan.

25.7.2008 18:59

Onkyo make quality gear. What is the point in making say a laserdisk player? If you can afford a purchase of one of these will probably be the only one you will ever need. I have an Onkyo cassette deck from 1978.. good as the day it was made.

36.7.2008 6:59

Onkyo is very high quality. If you have their HD-DVD player, you have a great product. If you get one of their Blu-Ray players, you will have a great product.

46.7.2008 8:35

Actually Onkyo is the company's entry-level, mass-produced brand. They're very good for entry-level products.

Their mid-level line is the Integra brand. These have more quality control in their manufacturing with better quality, hand-picked components and more features catering to audio/videophiles.

Their top-of-the-line brand is Integra Research.

I expect the Onkyo BluRay player to be comparably priced to the Denon 2500BT.

57.7.2008 2:49

If Onkyo makes such quality products then how come all there products i have seen have all ended up at thrift stores because they stopped working or would cost a small army to fix.

Company's i stay away from.

TRUTECH (sold at your local target stores great deal for a flat panel tv bad deal if you loose the remote control because trutech is more then one company and everytime they change there remotes you cannot even find a universal remote that is compatible.)

Onkyo Not a bad company but i have seen to many of there devices end up at garage sales or in dumpsters or worse because when it fails it will cost more then what you paid for the device.

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67.7.2008 6:41

That's the rule with the higher end kit. Because it is quality it has a resale value even when faulty, unlike say a Samsung or Hinari.

I have always found Onkyo equipment as reliable as any comparitively priced kit, and unlike Sony they use off the shelf parts by and large. Circuitry tends to be standard and the overall build quality is high.
My only complaint is how hard it can be to find schematics. Lots of models seem to have small production runs and many revisions. You can have some odd methods of doing things also.. they make sense when you work out why, but they can cause many hours of head scratching. That's probably why they cost a lot to have repaired if they go wrong. The engineers (like myself) know from experience that it may be a puzzling thing to work on.

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