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Pwnage Tool 2.0 to jailbreak iPhone 3G released

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 20 Jul 2008 13:51 User comments (5)

Pwnage Tool 2.0 to jailbreak iPhone 3G released The iPhone Dev Team released version 2.0 of the Pwnage Tool, which allows you to jailbreak iPhones and iPods running the new iPhone 2.0 software. It also unlocks first generation iPhones, allowing them to be used on any mobile phone network, but won't unlock the new 3G model (yet).
If you happen to have owned either a first generation iPhone or an iPod touch prior to the opening of the iTunes App Store you probably at least considered the possibility of jailbreaking it to take advantage of the third party software being developed for it. With the ability to jailbreak the units while running the current Apple software you can now get the best of both worlds.

You can find links for downloading the Pwnage Tool, as well as some instructions to follow if you run into problems using it on the iPhone Dev Team blog.

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5 user comments

120.7.2008 15:19

That didn't take long. So does this mean that I can finally update to 1.1.5???

220.7.2008 18:44

no it means after you buy the 2.0 software... you can jailbreak it... but only on the older iphones and ipods.. meaning u get the best of the first gen jailbreaks.. and the 2.0 ones.. but the new iphone is not yet broken.. or if it is its not yet released.

320.7.2008 21:44

Actually the jailbreak is supposed to work on both. That's a separate issue from unlocking, which so far doesn't work on the iPhone 3G.

421.7.2008 14:11

well thats no good now is rather theyd work harder on unlocking it..the jailbreak is just a bonus..

54.8.2008 20:55

Where can i download Pwnage 2.0 for free so i can unlock my iphone 3g

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