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Yahoo finalizes music store credit

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Jul 2008 18:08 User comments (7)

Yahoo finalizes music store credit Yahoo has finalized the reimbursement options for users affected by the recent shutdown of Yahoo Music Unlimited and has said users can either get their money back or be given credits to use at Rhapsody.
Last week the company said they would be refunding users but did not reveal the alternative reimbursement options.

"For any consumers that have problems with their DRM licenses after the store closes, our customer care group will provide coupons to the Rhapsody MP3 store so they can purchase an equivalent collection of MP3s," Yahoo added in a statement. "If any users have serious problems with this arrangement, we will provide refunds to them through our customer care service."

Any interested former users can get reimbursed until December 31, 2008, 3 months after the DRM servers shut down for the Yahoo! Music Store. The offer is only available to those who purchased individual songs from Yahoo Music, as subscribers will have their entire library migrated to Rhapsody for free.

Yahoo even noted that users could strip the DRM from their tracks by burning them to audio CDs and then re-ripping them, but added that users found that to be a hassle.

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7 user comments

131.7.2008 18:28

As i stated in the other post its better than sony's connect store that basically told their customers to f'off and purchase the media again and microsoft's delay tactic with the hope ppl will just go away and forget about it.

DRM is bad on all media, but the corporations keep wanting to resell us the same media time and again, so it will never go away.

the answer is easy, any media riddled with DRM don't purchase it, simple really.

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231.7.2008 21:23

About time we see a company take the high road.

331.7.2008 23:20

get your money back people. you've been burned once and if you continue to play with fire (drm), you will get burned again.

41.8.2008 3:26

Originally posted by fungyo:
get your money back people. you've been burned once and if you continue to play with fire (drm), you will get burned again.
Rhapsody = mp3 store these days. no more drm.

55.8.2008 5:02

Good. I see that Yahoo do care about their customers

66.8.2008 0:02

Don't fool yourselves. I'm sure they're counting on the same behavioral patterns that make rebates a success; that most people will not go through the effort, or will simply forget to take action before some arbitrary deadline has passed.

76.8.2008 2:48

Once is enough. stay away from it now!

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