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CCTV sues Xunlei over Olympics piracy

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Aug 2008 16:13 User comments (8)

CCTV sues Xunlei over Olympics piracy As reported today around the Web, the Chinese TV network CCTV has signed a deal to use Mediasentry parent Safenet to protect their online transmissions of the Olympic Games with a new type of DRM protection.
At the same time, CCTV has made another announcement, that they are suing the Google-backed Chinese P2P platform Xunlei for Olympics-related copyright infringement.

CCTV claims that Xunlei broadcasted video of the torch relay with asking permission first and that the lawsuit should be a warning to others that they are not messing around.

The broadcaster has even allegedly gone so far as to create a dedicated Olympic rights protection center whose sole purpose is to prevent infringement.

"During the Olympics, the partners plan to establish a hotline to report copyright violations and designate space on their sites to announce copyright violators and their punishments."

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8 user comments

17.8.2008 17:20

can you really copyright the olympics? i mean do the ancient romans get royalties? and another question would be, who downloads a video of the them carrying a touch lol.

27.8.2008 17:40

I can't wait to see all those YouTube vids from spectators when they get posted.
I can see it now, China won't be able to issue the cease orders fast enough as more and more get posted. Will YouTube be next to get sued?
These large corporations are just killing themselves here. Who cares if Google has a vid of the torch relay? Let China sue Google... This will do nothing to stop the real vids from getting out. That is, the vids from the spectators.

It's gonna get exciting!

37.8.2008 18:16

Open broadcasts cannot be controlled get over it.
why not just make CP infringment the main law of the world sue news angecnies for not paying for the news stories and send all CP infrengers to jail while you let out all the hard criminals!

48.8.2008 0:09

Darn you Zippy! Stop giving them ideas!!!!!!

58.8.2008 0:31

Wow... Chinese fighting Chinese over piracy in China (the #1 producer of pirated material).

This will be interesting.

68.8.2008 11:00

I seen it on the UK news this morning that they are also shutting down sellers on the streets of Beijing who are selling "counterfeit olympics goods". T-shirts, hats, pin badges etc etc.

Funny that they are victims of their peoples own copyright infringment successes.

Corporations and governments are going to continue trying to control everything they can make money from, they'll never learn. I'm sorry to tell you this but you can't Copyright the olympic games! Ahh well, you've only got yourselves to blame for this, seems you all forgot to make it law when writing your out of touch, unrealistic pathetically greedy laws. Maybe you best pencil it into the bull**it book ready for the 2012 London money grabathon just in case you forget amongst the turmoil of helping China to throw poor people out of their homes and silence those who speak out against it.

The games should have been boycotted right from the outset by any country that cares for human rights and civil liberties. In fact China should have been told in no uncertain terms that they would NEVER be allowed to host the Olympics until the world saw dramatic changes.

How can they justify throwing people out of their homes and sending them to labour camps just so they could make room for their money making parade to happen?

I think it's disgusting and in my opinion just by allowing the games to be there, as well as the athletes taking part and the presidents, prime ministers and world leaders that are attending is sending the wrong message to the Chinese government. To me that is supporting them.

Watch you tube just fill up with gigs of "Olympic-related infringing content". I wouldn't be surprised if they block it in China so no-one can upload/dl anything from you tube.

Next are you going to try to Copyright life so we have to pay for a license to live and breathe. This world is getting beyond a joke!


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78.8.2008 11:05

Originally posted by bhetrick:
Wow... Chinese fighting Chinese over piracy in China (the #1 producer of pirated material).

This will be interesting.

...chuckle, you got me with that one.

811.8.2008 19:05

[future]I tried to upload a video of my birthday party. Me blowing out my birthday candles...
China said they owned the rights to ME.[/future]

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