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New iPods coming next month?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Aug 2008 17:45 User comments (10)

New iPods coming next month? It appears very likely that new models of the popular iPod are in the works and that a price drop on the iPod Touch is imminent, putting it on par with the price of the iPhone 3G.
Inventory managers from retailer Target have noted that all current iPod models have now seen their status changed from "Active" to "Discontinued". Unfortunately, when using PDA scans you cannot see dates for new models so for now the date of the new models is speculation.

In the UK, retailer Argos has plans to clear out its remaining iPod inventory in anticipation of new models. Point-of-sale displays show price cuts beginning next week.

The new moves follow what Wall Street analysts have been saying for weeks. Many believe the Touch is now overpriced and Apple may lose their momentum in the media device market if changes aren't made. "We continue to believe Apple will need to reposition the iPod touch line in conjunction with its anticipated new product announcement in early to mid-September now that the iPhone acquisition price is lower," said Lehman Brothers analyst Ben Reitzes.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster who is famous for his accurate predictions on Apple products added that he expects to see a $199 USD iPod Touch as well as a refresh of all devices across the board.

"Specifically, we believe Apple will increase the capacity of the iPod shuffles as well as the iPod nanos (but maintain current price points); redesigned form factors for the shuffles and nanos are unlikely," the analyst wrote. "We believe the iPod touch may be redesigned and may enter the $199 price point, in line with the iPhone."

If you were wanting to buy that new iPod, I'd say its worth waiting a couple more weeks before pulling the trigger.

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10 user comments

121.8.2008 18:07

who doesnt love price drops and new technology

221.8.2008 19:03

Best Buy will start selling a white iPhone Sept. 7th, maybe we'll see a white iPod touch too.

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322.8.2008 1:04

Very good news

423.8.2008 0:09

I hope the iPod Touch gets a bigger harddrive... I'm already almost at the max of my 30gb one...

523.8.2008 22:18

Hopefully they will get rid of that damn 8GB Touch. What is up with that? Great, $300 dollars for this new iPod and i can harldy download a tv show.

624.8.2008 0:35

Originally posted by engage16:
I hope the iPod Touch gets a bigger harddrive... I'm already almost at the max of my 30gb one...
they are flash based not harddirve (do you have any idea how expensive flash memory gets once you get over 32gb)

MP3:Creative Muvo 512mb>Creative Muvo2 5gb*R.I.P*>Creative Zen V Plus 4gg*R.I.P*>Samsung P2 8gb 4.13FW

724.8.2008 1:59

They can put more than one chipset in... I can goto walmart and buy 2 4gb flash drives for like 30 dollars....

825.8.2008 10:45

I touch does not allow third party syncs. That is a major issue with many prospective users. This will probably not help that market.

I feel the drop in quality will hurt Apple more than the too high price. The AD boards are full of long time ipod users looking for mp3 recommendations. Hopefully, they are going to make them more relyable.

919.10.2008 23:56

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1020.10.2008 10:52

Looks like running spam. You have posted these adds all over the place. The first time I saw one I figured it was ignorance but you are just writing these back to back. The last post I just read was yours as well. The post had nothing to do about the forum. I was polite then but I say get a life and pay for adds you weasle!

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