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China blocks iTunes content over pro-Tibet tracks?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Aug 2008 21:44

China blocks iTunes content over pro-Tibet tracks? A numbers of complaints from Chinese users who claim they cannot download songs from iTunes for their iPods has prompted a rumor that China may have blocked iTunes or certain iTunes content due to pro-Tibet tracks being available for download. The Art of Peace Foundation's new album "Songs for Tibet," was recently released on the service, and many feel that when it comes to the Chinese government, this is likely not a coincidence.
"The possibility of a block is high, and I'd say it should be due to a content issue," said Liu Bin, associate director of the Beijing consulting firm BDA. Danny Levinson, CEO of a digital direct marketing company in Shanghai, said that the core URL seems to be stopped on the China side, but worked when accessed from abroad.

"We've seen the situation but can't offer any more information," Apple's Beijing publicist Yuna Huang said. The Dalai Lama was interviewed for the Thursday edition of French newspaper Le Monde, in which he accused Chinese forces of firing at protesters in Eastern Tibet, claiming he has unconfirmed reports that 180 people were killed.

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