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Pirate sentenced to 15 months

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Aug 2008 14:00 User comments (5)

Pirate sentenced to 15 months According to an ELSPA, Gary Boulter of Bristol has pleaded guilty to 23 counts of commercial piracy for his part in selling counterfeit games, films, music and pornography.
Boulter was sentenced to 15 months in prison for violations of the 1994 Trade Marks Act and the 1985 Video Recordings Act and he was also fined 22,500 pounds to help pay back the court costs of the prosecution.

"I congratulate South Gloucestershire Trading Standards and local Police for successfully shutting down Gary Boulter's criminal operation,"
noted Michael Rawlinson, managing director of ELSPA. "ELSPA would like to thank the efforts of everyone concerned in their attempts to protect legitimate local traders and remove illegal products from the marketplace."

Boulter's home was raided in December 2005 and agents found over 2300 counterfeit PS2 and Xbox games as well as movies, music CDs and porn with a total value of over 50,000 pounds. The amount of copied discs was substantial enough for commercial piracy charges.

"Mr. Boulter has been dealt with severely by the court and this should stand as a stern warning to others who are tempted to engage in this type of activity,"
said Neil Derrick, Senior Enforcement Officer for South Gloucestershire Trading Standards. "He has not only lost his liberty, but now also has to pay significant sums of money in costs and under the confiscation order, as well as having all of his discs and associated equipment forfeited. He obviously had no regard for the local retailers whose businesses are badly affected by counterfeiting and he was supplying pornographic films, which are age restricted and the content of which means they should only be sold by a licensed sex shop."

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5 user comments

128.8.2008 14:07

Holy S@*t! I live not far from there. But there again he did deserve it, anyone making money from something they don't own deserves it.


228.8.2008 14:46

People still sell pirated material? That's so 1990's!

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328.8.2008 15:03

What a *bleep*, and i bet he was claiming benefits as well shout the news corp readers. (The Sun Newspaper UK) this was for commercial piracy which i believe in the UK is a criminal offence. where as downloading at home "copy write infringement", not theft as the media industry tries to make out is a civil offence atm but would be criminal if the media industry gets their way so the tax payers in whichever respecting country get to pick up the bill and the police are used as courporate tools and resources diverted away from serious crime fighting.

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428.8.2008 17:30

Busted for porn?????????????????????????????????

That blows. PUN intended.

528.8.2008 18:35

Hmmm...sounds like the basis for a new vid game... Grand Theft Porno.
In any event he got what he deserved. Gives True Pirates a bad name!

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