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Buffalo introduces pair of 8x Blu-ray burners

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Sep 2008 19:27 User comments (10)

Buffalo introduces pair of 8x Blu-ray burners Buffalo Technology announced yesterday a pair of new Blu-ray burners, one external and one internal which both offer the fastest speeds available currently, 8x.
The MediaStation 8x External Blu-ray Drive connects via a USB 2.0 port or through a faster eSATA interface while the MediaStation 8x Internal Blu-ray Writer connects via standard SATA. There are no added drivers necessary for your system to read the drives and both can read and write CDs, DVDs, and BD-R/RE.

Both drives ship with CyberLink suite software which allows for HD playback, Blu-ray capture, editing and authoring.

Both drives will be available within the next week and are priced $350 USD for the internal and $400 USD for the external, respectively.

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10 user comments

124.9.2008 0:22

Not bad by he time the 12X come out the 8X will be 200$ LOL

How much are good discs? Are they still about 40 cents a GB?
Still half as much to get a 500GB+ HDD.

224.9.2008 10:30

Nope. About 21 cents a gb

$5.28 ea. for 25gb 4x Memorex BD-R 15 pack

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324.9.2008 10:45

That's a pretty good deal.. nice to see the prices on this media dropping.. now all we need is a burner that doesn't cost the earth.. shame they are Memorex, but we can't have everything eh ;)

424.9.2008 10:56

Originally posted by Oner:
Nope. About 21 cents a gb

$5.28 ea. for 25gb 4x Memorex BD-R 15 pack
I didn't realize the price had come down some. That's good news.

Some assembly required.

524.9.2008 11:28

$235 for a BD burner is not that bad when looking back at what I paid for my first Plextor 2x DVD burner when it first came out...

Also while I cannot confirm if the Memorex brand BD-R's are bad or not you can't assume it is the same as with their DVD's. But if that is the case then you can't complain about 30 cents a gb for Verbatims @ 7.60 ea for 25gb 2x no minimum required

But hey what do I know? I used hundreds of 4x Princo DVD's burned @ 8x & 12x for the longest and never had any issues then or now with those discs! It all comes down to your hardware and how you have everything setup (hw & sw) in my opinion.

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624.9.2008 13:30

I wont be getting a blu-ray burner until there at least below the $100 mark. I'll stick with the crappy PS3 in order to watch blu-ray movies.

715.10.2008 23:08

I spent more time talking to Buffalo and getting nowhere than anyone should have to. I ordered their 8X external Blu-ray drive and paid extra for overnight shipping at 2pm on Monday. It did not come on Tuesday, so I called and was told that the fine print says if ordered Mon-Fri they ship the next day. I finally received it at 2:30pm on Wednesday. The CyberLink software would not install on any of my computers. It gives an error half way through the installation wizard setup stating that this software may only be installed with a DVD-Rom drive and it was aborting installation. Three tries on three different 32bit Vista computers using DVD-RW drives and one try on an XP-Pro setup using a CD-RW drive all ended up with the same outcome. I was on the phone with their tech support (Buffalo's)and found they had not heard of this before (I figured this is because the drive is new and the printing on the install disk references this new drive and is therefore also new). They will look into this and get back to me since CyberLink was closed.

Not off to a good start with a new product.

81.11.2008 20:00

I just bought this 8x Buffalo BD drive yesterday in Tokyo.
( My Vista is English version )
My Cyberlink BD Solution is in Japanese, so I download the software from the Buffalo web site and try to install it.
I also get the error 'this software can only install with DVD-ROM' and abort.

Is there any solution for it ?
It is pretty annoying cannot use that BD drive.
It seems without that installation, whenever I put in a BD disc (i.e. Blue ray movie ) into the drive, the drive just disappear from the system.

96.3.2009 19:22

Same here. Living in Tokyo and bought it and unable to install on Windows Vista 32 bit and my Windows 7 machine with the same error message as given above. Hoping for a driver soon so can begin to play Blue Ray discs on it. Frustrating to say the least.

1031.8.2009 17:56

I did figure out how to do it and asked Buffalo and Cyberlink what it was worth to them for me to tell them how to fix their problem.
They both told me they did not care. I will never buy another product from either of them.

The problem is that the software will not install unless you use the USB cable with the Buffalo drive only. The eSATA cable will not work !!!

You can use the eSATA after installing the software.

Also DO NOT UPDATE THE SOFTWARE when Cyberlink offers. It will cause you to have to completely uninstall it and reinstall the original software.

Both companies have the worst customer service ever. Buffalo blames the Cyberlink software and tells you to contact them. Cyberlink keeps running you around in circles and never answers your questions or deals with the problem you are experiencing.

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