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Warner tries to curb Korean piracy

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 05 Oct 2008 4:47 User comments (6)

Warner tries to curb Korean piracy Warner Bros. has announced that they will be upping efforts to curb piracy in South Korea by releasing their movies on demand at least two weeks before official DVD release dates.
The experimental move, according to Thomas Gewecke, president of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, is a chance to see if the move will curb Internet piracy at all in a country where almost everyone has broadband Internet.

"Korea is the ideal market for us to expand our digital distribution strategy,"
Gewecke said. "There is already a broad base of consumers who are immersed in technology and very comfortable getting movies through video-on-demand or similar services."

"According to the Korean Film Council, more than 47% of people surveyed said they had downloaded movies from the Internet at least once,"
added Harrison Lee, managing director of Warner Home Video Korea.

There were no specifics yet on which movies would be released first.

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6 user comments

15.10.2008 18:40

What!? How profoundly stooopid! lol! The Pirates will have the flics two weeks earlier! Shoot yourself in the OTHER foot! Ha ha haaa! I guess they needed higher ''Piracy'' rates to flaunt to their bought lawmakers.

25.10.2008 18:59

ok... so the Koreans get the movie 2weeks b4 the rest of the world because they are Pirates.

Can a Korean put that movie on a torrent site so we all get it 2weeks seems only fair?

I think i will download some more maybe they will try this in Australia. :)

36.10.2008 01:54

Idiocy Knows no bounds for these fools.

46.10.2008 03:11

Here is a thought, release the DVDs at 8$ a pop 2 weeks before the world you'll cut the piracy in half! least to that aera...LOL

57.10.2008 05:11

to the movie studios, just quit being so greedy and all will be good

When the chips are down, you can count on miltex !

67.10.2008 23:39

The Koreans will have the movie 2 weeks in advance... then the rest of the world will "have it" 13 days in advance.

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