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MySpace Music hits 1 billion songs streamed

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2008 22:00 User comments (5)

MySpace Music hits 1 billion songs streamed MySpace has announced that over 1 billion songs have been streamed so far through their newly launched MySpace Music service.
"We can confirm that we hit a milestone of one billion music streams only a few days after launching the new product," the company said in a statement. "More importantly, we are still compiling our metrics on engagement and unique users which will tell a much richer story on how positively the community is responding to the new music experience. We're excited to share more information and data as soon as it's available."

MySpace Music officially launched on September 25th, and includes the full catalogs of the Big 4 labels as well as many indie labels.

Although comparing the two is a far stretch (one is free, one is not), it is important to note that the iTunes store hit its five billionth song downloaded after five years in business whereas MySpace music hit 1 billion in a week.

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5 user comments

16.10.2008 23:07

guhh... everyone and their moms have myspace... not everyone has an ipod.. so no need for itunes.. unless its already installed in the computer.. and no one wants to go thru that hassle.. they rather find a faster way.. =[

27.10.2008 5:09

Seems like myspace music is kicking itunes a$$ets !

37.10.2008 11:59

Compare the numbers fromboth MySpace and iTunes for the same period of time and that would be a fair comparison. Although it really doesn't matter, because free is free!

47.10.2008 20:07

Itunes is blah, rather use amazon becuase its webbased.

521.10.2008 13:39

FLAC.. FLAC.. FlAC... FLAC... ;-)

C'mon audiophiles!

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