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Pioneer teams up with Qflix for DVD burners

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Oct 2008 18:53 User comments (2)

Pioneer teams up with Qflix for DVD burners Pioneer has announced two new DVD burner drives, the internal DVR-2920Q and external DVR-X162Q each of which will allow users to create DVDs from downloaded content found on the Qflix video download site.
Just like the Dell Qflix drives introduced last month, users will be given Qflix DVD Download & Burn technology that will turn the content to formats that can be read in all standalone players. These drives will also require special DVD+-R discs just as the Dell ones do.

Qflix uses the current 1000 movie CinemaNow library and the new drives will allow the users to write the CSS-protected content to disc for playback on standalone players.

The drives write DVD and CD at 16x and 48x respectively otherwise when not using Qflix.

Qflix-compatible DVD+-R still do not have a disclosed price but be do know that RiDATA and Roxio will be creating them.

The Pioneer DVR-2920Q is available now and sells for $70 USD and the DVR-X162Q will sell for $115 USD when it hits next month.

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2 user comments

115.10.2008 23:47

LAME! Right, like the general public will catch on to this. Even if they gave it five years, IMHO it still wouldn't catch on as well as renting [I meant buying] DVDs and copying them. Who thinks even tech-savvy people will be dumb enough to go aut of their way to buy special [surcharged] DVDs that can be cracked anyway? I predict that this will flop and go the way that those DVDs that expire after 24 hours.

But that just my two cents...maybe next time I'll donate to the EFF LOL!

221.10.2008 16:57

Pioneer is one of a few good and reliable optical drive manufacturers out there. My blood runs cold at the thought of any of them teaming up with the likes of any movie distribution network company. It's bad enough that nero is bundled with some, let alone having the bad guy's get a look in also.

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