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NAD introduces Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Nov 2008 2:03 User comments (4)

NAD introduces Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player The high-end home theater producer NAD has announced their first Blu-ray player, dubbed the T587, which includes Profile 2.0 support.
The T587 is expected to have the fastest load up time for Blu-ray movies (under a minute), a feature that should be welcome to many enthusiasts.

Electronista adds the player has "Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio surround sound, HDMI 1.3 output with support for Deep Color on the right HDTVs; it also supports Dolby Digital Plus for 10.2-channel sound over the newest audio systems. A front USB port handles MP3/WMA music and JPEG/PNG photos, while the disc drive itself can play back DivX clips."

The price of course is at a premium as well, and will sell for $1500 USD when it begins shipping in early December.

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4 user comments

15.11.2008 8:26

I'm not a blu-ray enthusiast but this player seems to have the proper specs and full support for all the current audio codec’s and high end features. It seems to be much less expensive than other high end players that only support profile 1.1 and a fraction of the features.

I've never heard of NAD before, I'm assuming it's an abbreviation for something. Is this a high end company such as denon or harmon kardon?

10.2-channel sound over the newest audio systems
Just curious does anyone own a 10.2 system? It would seem like something reserved for only the most expensive home theater setups.

25.11.2008 8:54

Wow.. that's a name from the past. NAD = new acoustic design? new audio dimensions??.. or something like that. I used to sell their amplifiers when I left school... that's a long time ago. Brand wise they had a reputation for very very poor build quality and reliability but at the same time were the lowest priced of the "true" hifi equipment.

My memories of the numbers of their amplifiers and tuners which came out of the box non workers and needing packing up and returning would stop me ever considering buying one. In the shop I worked in it was something like a 40% dead out of the box, and the workers.. 50% failure rate within weeks. We had them fail on display... and the replacement would be dead out of the box.

All these years later I know somebody who bought a working one of 1980's vintage and they opened it up.. the build quality was incredibly poor for a "quality" bit of kit.... amazing it's still working actually.

35.11.2008 10:58

I don't know how long ago you were selling NAD equipment... but I've always found the build quality of their stuff very good. You're correct with the abbreviations though... New Audio Dimensions. Designed in the UK and built in China.

Their specialty was designing/manufacturing high end-ish stuff at very affordable prices. Were they tended to 'fall down' was that the equipment could be seen as a bit 'un-hi-fi looking', which is/was no bad thing. They consistently got 'Best Buys/Recommended' in the Hi-Fi mag's and it's excellent that they are dipping their toes in the water with Blu-Ray units.

Long may they prosper.

47.12.2008 23:55

Yeah NAD been around for a while, can't comment on thier quality, never owned one nor know of anybody that did, the price no-matter from who is still ridiculous. And also I'm not a blu-ray enthusiast, nor do I think I will ever be.

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