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MGM will post full-length content on YouTube

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Nov 2008 3:00 User comments (4)

MGM will post full-length content on YouTube Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios will reportedly provide full-length feature files and TV content on Google's YouTube video sharing service. It was reported early last week that YouTube was preparing to add this type of content after spending months mending its relationship with Hollywood studios. On Sunday, news circulated that MGM will be the first studio (and most likely not the last) to add full-length content to the popular video site.
YouTube currently has a deal with Lionsgate, but it only stretches to short clips from films and TV shows. The deal, if the reports are accurate, signals a turning point for YouTube since it has largely been a headache for Hollywood studios since it first launched. After Google acquired YouTube, it refused to take responsibility for copyright infringing content posted by its users, citing the DMCA itself as protection.

Since then, it has made moves to remove pirated video content from its site at the convenience of the content owner. The reason for the change of heart is suspected to be Hulu, a video service already loaded with premium content that reportedly makes as much ad revenue as YouTube with only a fraction of the users. YouTube might have the numbers of users and reputation to compete, but it had to smooth over its relationship with the content companies first.

Another problematic area for YouTube was its image as a site offing web browser-locked low quality video content. YouTube has moved to provide higher quality video content and is developing video playing software that will provide clearer images. According to sources, the typical split of revenue will be 70% to the content owner and the rest of Google.

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4 user comments

110.11.2008 14:26

so how much will it cost to view a movie on the youtube?

most likely i will stick to TPB for my movies.

210.11.2008 16:20

if its good without ads it would make a excellent choice for a legal aternative.

310.11.2008 16:20

if its good without ads it would make a excellent choice for a legal aternative.

417.11.2008 23:27

I use hulu and I'm extremely happy with it. But if youtube had full movies it might be worth looking into.

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