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TorrentValley shut down in a raid

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 13 Nov 2008 5:59 User comments (3)

TorrentValley shut down in a raid One of the largest BitTorrent sites on the Internet,, has been shut down in a raid by Bulgarian authorities. The so-called Cyber Crime Unit got tipped off by the Bulgarian Association of Musical Producers (BAMP).
"Torrentvalley was a major international source of copyright infringing material. This site was a gate towards more than 5 000 torrent-trackers from all over the world. The decisive action by the authorities shows that Bulgaria is no haven for copyright abuse in Internet and makes efforts to protect the rights of those involved in the creative industries," said the BAMP representative Ina Kileva.

The press release by IFPI estimates that TorrentValley aided the distribution of more than one million copyright infringing files.

This is not the first time Bulgarian authorities have acted against BitTorrent sites. In 2006 police arrested the admin of, who was soon released due to lack of evidence.

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3 user comments

113.11.2008 15:14

Dont worry bittorenters as long as TPB is active BT is alive and healthy.

213.11.2008 19:54

I'd never download from a public tracker and especially the pirate bay. There are too many anti piracy companies IP sniffing all the latest releases not to mention the majority of them are never trust worthy.

If you want quality stuff, you'd use a private tracker or pay (very little) for newsgroups.

329.11.2008 4:04

I'd never download from a public tracker and especially the pirate bay

Pirate bays tracker gives fake ip addresses, only bt clients can resolve them and they don't show you the resolved one, think a little before you start typing...

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