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Criterion begins releasing Blu-ray titles

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Dec 2008 16:33 User comments (3)

Criterion begins releasing Blu-ray titles The prestigious Criterion Collection will begin releasing titles on Blu-ray beginning December 19th, following delays that pushed the launch from October until now.
Criterion’s technical director Lee Kline feels the wait will have been worth it once the consumers see the quality of the discs.

“If our Blu-ray discs are going to come out, then they’d better look right,” Kline said. “We had to make sure that the compression was right, that the audio encoding was up to par. And we had to make sure that the discs played on all players, particularly the older generation models, as well as PlayStation 3."

Kline also noted that the publisher has been in the "high-def business" since the late 90's and have been remastering approximately 90 percent of their standard definition library in HD "then down-converting for a standard-def release, giving them a more film-like look.”

“We pulled the high-def masters that we’ve done [for the films in the first wave of Blu-ray releases] and looked them over—and we haven’t had to go back to change anything,”
Kline said. “All the technology we’ve taken to make these high-def masters are still fine.”

Something else to note is that Criterion's Blu-ray movies will not be housed in the blue-colored boxes that most other releases are in, and the boxes will not have the Blu-ray Disc logo either. All the titles will be priced identical to their SD counterparts as well.

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3 user comments

11.12.2008 19:59

prestigious ? Well, if you like 50 year old black & white movies, pretentious european house drama queen stuff like the seventh seal by Bergman and 400 blows by Truffaut then it's definitely the right company for those who like that stuff.
personally I will give them a miss seeing as the average price for one of their dvds is between $ 30 -40 so making the blu rays the same price as standard dvd isn't such a bargain as it may appear before you find out their standard dvd prices : -

22.12.2008 1:31

Er..yeah, nothing like 180 days of Sodom in hi-definition..


39.12.2008 9:24

Yeah,what kinda fairys would wanna watch shit like the Seven Samurai,The Killer,Hard Boiled,The Silence of the Lambs,RoboCop,Monty Pythons Life Of Brian or The Beastie Boys video anthology??!!!

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