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NXE spurs sales growth on Xbox Live Arcade

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Dec 2008 0:50 User comments (5)

NXE spurs sales growth on Xbox Live Arcade According to Major Nelson, sales on Xbox Live Arcade have nearly tripled in the weeks following the introduction of the New Xbox Experience dashboard revamp.
Being updated to include in-game Avatars spurred UNO sales 650 percent in its first day after the NXE update.

For the first week following the launch, movie downloads were up 49 percent and TV episode downloads were up 30 percent.

The current Live service now has over 30,000 movies, TV episodes, and music videos available from 45 content partners.

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5 user comments

113.12.2008 21:09

The NXE is the worst dashboard ever. Its not innovative nor original because its similar to that of the PSP's XMB. I feel lost using NXE. I want to return back to the old blade dashboard. It was the biggest mistake upgrading to this worthless dash due to the fact that it has caused RROD failures, game lockups, guide button failures, and game play slowdown. I hope microsoft addresses these issues and solves these software failures.

They stated that all users would be able to switch back to the old blade dash. Two dashboards in one? The guide button menu cannot replace the old dash and besides all the features and functions that were once accessible through the old dash do not function properly or they are missing. Do not upgrade to this trash. Many might have mixed options, but until you experience these hardware failures then you'll completely understand why I am stating this. Read what users have said around the internet about the NXE and you'll discover that my argument is supported by others who have complained about this same issue. A few hours ago I shipped my 360 to microsoft again because it has caused my box to freeze and keep in mind that my box has a manufacture date of 10-25-2008. I finally decided to buy a brand new 360 after many years of hesitation and half a dozen service repairs and now this happens. My launch console has the old dash and will never upgrade to this lame dashboard.

213.12.2008 23:19


wow, sorry to hear about all those problems. I had it freeze up once after it installed up after that it has run like a pro.

The NXE takes a little getting used to and sure it steals about every idea out there from Wii characters to PSP XMB but it flows a lot better than the blade setup.

This may sound cynical but what doesn't cause RROD? It seems almost anything MS does causes RROD for a group of people. Hopefully the newer boards will solve this.

313.12.2008 23:49

Mine has the new 65nm processor, elite. I bought it almost 2 months ago just for that reason. Its true, the RROD can happen at any time without warning but who has the best games? Exactly, the 360 does. The NXE caused the RROD on my console. I was using the new dash examining all the features it has and about 30 minutes later the RROD surfaced. My launch console has gone through 6 service repairs. Give my new console at least a year microsoft before I have to ship it out. Man, I guess I'm used to the whole whole process. Give or take 3 months before they ship it back.

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414.12.2008 0:28

the NXE didn't cause a hardware failure, RROD indicates generic hardware failure, nothing software related. Your console just happened to experience RROD after the NXE, it would have happened regardless. Turn around is alot less then 3months, a guy i work w/ just got his back, total time gone was 12days, because of weekends and post.

You shouldn't really bash something that your not sure is causing your problems, you didn't go and check what your status code was after the RROD so you don't know the specific reason for 'generic hardware failure' so your blaiming a new software update? that's like claiming Windows or Linux made your videocard shit out after installing an Upgrade pack? i'm on my 4th Console (not repair, but replacement console) none of the updates caused RROD, it's just coincidence that it died, and i've had my Xbox360 since a week before launch, so it's not like i haven't been around for a while.

The only thing i haven't found the NXE to have delivered as promised is 1. Revert to old style Blade Dash, and 2. Gifting MS points (which was pulled because lets face it, makes things too complicated, just buy a points card and mail it, or msg them the code on the back of the card)

NXE does take some getting used to, like finding the friends list or msg list etc, but i'd still say i enjoy it. Blade or NXE doesn't make a difference, i don't know many people who sit and browse threw blades for hours anyway, stuff is still easy to find.

quit being a negative nancy :)

514.12.2008 15:55

NXE causing RROD. What a load of old tosh. As to NXE being crap, again, tosh. To be fair i bought my 360's just as NXE was being released, and i didn't like the blade dash even in it's incarnation on old type xboxes (XBMC). But that's just me. You can still access a mini version of the blade dash in NXE anyways.

I won't use my 360's for too long in any one sitting, it's my (ineducated, maybe) way of hopefully avoiding (in my opinion) the inevitable RROD

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