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GameStop begins DS reservation system

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Dec 2008 18:09 User comments (5)

GameStop begins DS reservation system GameStop has begun a "reservation system" in response to the popularity of the Nintendo DS handheld as a way to ensure customers get the console in the color they want most.
Would-be buyers can reserve crimson and black, cobalt and black, and metallic rose-colored DS consoles by putting $130 USD down in advance at the retailer. GameStop will then begin delivery of the handhelds on December 28th.

"The DS seems to be at the top of the wish list for many this holiday season, so we are preparing for the last minute rush and giving consumers an option in the event the color that they desired is not available,"
GameStop spokesman Chris Olvera added.

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5 user comments

124.12.2008 23:06

Save The Money For The DSi....Coming 2009..i think

225.12.2008 11:00

Yea there isn't any point in buying a DS now because of the DSi. It really is ashame that it's region locked.

325.12.2008 12:30

I think GameStop is putting to much focus on color, it's about how the console works on the inside.

428.12.2008 11:37

Hi im new to this website, so is the dsi coming in 2009, will it be in the uk in 2009?

56.1.2009 15:56

Screw the DSi...+$50 for what? Crippled MicroSD functionality? A low quality camera?

The only thing I'd see you getting for this is a better quality media player than Moonshell and a better quality web browser (ugh...browsing the web on the DS is painful...dunno if they could really make it better on the DSi).

About the only thing that would have sold the DSi for me would be bluetooth support.

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