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Interim FCC head promises reform and transparency

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 28 Jan 2009 13:56 User comments (2)

Interim FCC head promises reform and transparency It's been less than a week since the resignation of Kevin Martin from his position as Chairman of the FCC, but his temporary replacement is wasting no time making some changes. Commissioner Michael Copps, who is keeping the chairman's seat warm until Barrack Obama's nominee Julius Genachowski is approved by the Senate, has promised to improve agency communications and credibility.
In remarks made after his appointment as interim FCC Chairman Copps outlined three goals for the agency. The first is intra-agency communication. He promised the various internal divisions would work more closely together, saying "There is no reason I can see for not having the various Bureaus and Offices more closely collaborating with each other on issues of mutual interest." He added "If we can’t communicate with ourselves, we shouldn’t have the word “Communications” in our title."

He also indicated there would be more and better communication between the commissioners and those same internal bureaus. He plans to hold a weekly meeting with the head of each bureau and office in attendance. He's also inviting each commissioner to send a representative. Just a few days ago Commissioner Robert McDowell criticized the outgoing chairman for not involving his colleagues in agency planning.

Finally he talked about the FCC's responsibility to let individual citizens take part in policy discussions and decisions. This was one area that former Chairman Martin was often criticized for, even by the Government Accountability Office (GAO)."Regardless of whether a person is rich or poor, lives in a rural or urban area or on tribal lands, in affluence or is struggling just to get by, whether they have a disability or are senior citizens or college students, they are—each and every one of them—a stakeholder." said Copps "The spectrum is theirs and the rest of us are stewards."

Acting Chairman Copps didn't make any specific mention of the upcoming DTV transition which is making headlines across the US. Perhaps he's hoping the bill currently working its way through Congress will postpone it long enough to leave it in the hands of Martin's successor.

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2 user comments

128.1.2009 19:30

Here's your transparency, we take bribes in the form of regulatory fees from to allow comcast and others to do what they want under the guise of regulation and we censor TV and radio because the wooly masses are not able to handle reality anymore.

Thar theres your transparency.....

229.1.2009 17:31

Sirius/XM stock is at .11 cents complements of the lined pockets of the FCC. Thanks for screwing the long term investors!

No time for Leap frog!!!

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