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Palm Pre coming as soon as March?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Feb 2009 15:22 User comments (4)

Palm Pre coming as soon as March? Palm Pre, the latest in a long line of "iPhone Killers", is set to be one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year.
Although the company has not yet confirmed its release date, Wired is reporting that it could be available as soon as March, and on the Sprint network.

Citing an internal document from Sprint however, Boy Genius Report is saying that a May release is more likely as that will give Sprint time to stock up and clear out older Palm inventory.

The smartphone was initially showed off at this year's Consumer Electronics Show and the company's stock has exploded on anticipation that the phone will be a blockbuster seller.

The phone has a rounded shape, a 3.1-inch touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and uses a powerful interface to "pull together information, photos and current online status data from sites such as Facebook, Gmail and Exchange to seamlessly integrate them into the address book and contacts list."

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4 user comments

14.2.2009 16:32

Whaaaaat! Nothing for Verizon? Hopefully (fingers crossed) that they will consider wide-spread cellular companies (like T-Mobile, AT&T) with this phone, cause these network-specific phones are not helping out people who have plan contracts with non-Sprint users, IMO.

24.2.2009 18:06

You are going to have to do like me. Quit Verizon when your contract is up. I pay verizon 220. a month for 5 phones. However they want me to change to their new American plan where I have to pay for internet use by how much data I download instead of using my minutes. Why do they think I bought 2100 minutes? My $220 isnt good enough for them so I will be leaving to company that will appreciate my business.(Iphone here I come)

34.2.2009 23:51

This is not true. BGR stated that the Pre will be arriving March, with another model being phased out by May.

46.2.2009 13:38

True or not, an actual Sprint rep told me about this exact same phone last week when I was just at the store to fool around with the HTC Touch Pro. She said it was coming in about 3 weeks so I asume it to be true since I didnt even care to know about it lol she just randomly wanted to give me that info incase I wanted to wait instead of getting the Touch Pro. Not a big Palm fan myself though. Looks nice though.

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