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Pioneer exiting the TV market

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Feb 2009 19:57 User comments (5)

Pioneer exiting the TV market Pioneer has confirmed rumors that have flared this week and will be dropping out of the TV business altogether.
The move follows the $1.44 billion USD loss the company has taken in the past year on its LCD and Plasma operations. Two factories will be shut down immediately and the company will completely phase out TVs by the Q1 2010.

Additionally, the company said it will cut costs by cutting 10,000 jobs, mainly in Japan.

In the TV business, Pioneer is best known for its high quality Kuro plasma TVs which enjoy high contrast ratios and color replication. Back in March however, the company said it would halt Plasma production to focus on LCD production.

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5 user comments

112.2.2009 21:32

Thats a damn shame too. id take Pioneer over Sony Anyday.

212.2.2009 23:05

I do agree with that statement!

313.2.2009 5:54

Sad to see them go. I hope they see this as a positive sign and make their existing products even stronger.

413.2.2009 12:40

This news is old. I read something about this back in May 2008.

It would be nice if Pioneer could sell or license the tech behind their KURO Elite displays to some other manufacturer, so we can still have awesomeness. Sadly though, the quality that Pioneer is known for will probably not be there though.

517.2.2009 10:32

First DVD players now TVs. Won't be long and Pioneer will be another company of the past. Its a shame too. I would much rather have the quality for my money.

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