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Casinos warned of iPhone app that helps count cards

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Feb 2009 17:03 User comments (6)

Casinos warned of iPhone app that helps count cards A dictionary will define "card counting" as a "card game strategy used to determine when a player has a probability advantage."
Bearing that in mind, Nevada gambling regulators have begun warning Las Vegas casinos that there is an effective card-counting program available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Although card counting as a practice is not illegal in Nevada, using a device to help you count cards is considered a felony.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board was tipped off by regulators in California "where officials at an Indian casino found customers using it and tipped state authorities."

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6 user comments

117.2.2009 17:13

whats the app called? ;-)

217.2.2009 18:08

I think it's Angry Dealer 2.0 ;~)

317.2.2009 20:59

Is card counting illegal anywhere if its in your head? Can people really get arrested for thinking??? Wow, I only hope that isn't true.

417.2.2009 21:12

its's not really illegal as long as you are using your mind..not a device..but it is definitely frowned upon in a casino, if you are caught you can and most definitely will thrown out/banned from that casino..they have databases full of people that they have caught card counting and will not allow them in..even if the people are in disquises, the software they have, has face long as you are suttle about it and don't win too much or too should be fine..

518.2.2009 1:17

I wonder if it will be ported to the G1???

618.2.2009 7:18

Cell phones are not permitted to be used (texting or chatting) while playing table games so you got no shot at pulling this off. Getting caught cheating with an electrical device as such will get you thrown in jail for the max cause they are looking to get the word out that if you try this you will be screwed.

---> Shift boss at one of those fancy casinos on the strip and I got the memo over 3 weeks ago.

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No time for Leap frog!!!

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