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Samsung wins LCD patent dispute over Sharp

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Mar 2009 2:17 User comments (8)

Samsung wins LCD patent dispute over Sharp Samsung has noted today that a two year old LCD patent dispute with Sharp has now been settled, with the Tokyo court upholding Samsung's countersuit.
In 2007, Sharp sued Samsung over unspecified infringements, and Samsung quickly filed two countersuits as well as asked the US International Trade Commission for a full investigation into the matter.

The WSJ adds that "patent-infringement lawsuits are common in the highly competitive flat-panel display industry," especially as competition increases and market share becomes more important.

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8 user comments

124.3.2009 2:30

any more details regards to this matter??

224.3.2009 12:21

Andre You Been drinking Vodka again cause this article only looks half finished.

324.3.2009 13:11

Originally posted by DXR88:
Andre You Been drinking Vodka again cause this article only looks half finished.

424.3.2009 13:46

03.23.2009 Samsung has won a patent infringement lawsuit against Sharp in Japan, according to the The Korea Herald.

Samsung filed a countersuit claiming Sharp's LCDs violated one of Samsung's patents. The countersuit came after Samsung lost a patent lawsuit that was filed by Sharp in a Tokyo District Court in October 2008.

The legal battles between the companies started in August 2007 when Sharp sued Samsung for infringement on the following five patents:

USP4,649,383: Driving method for improving contrast ratio of LCD
USP5,760,855: Guard wiring to prevent static-induced damage to LCD
USP6,052,162: Formation of electrode so as to improve display quality of LCD
USP7,027,024: Driving device for improving display quality of LCD
USP7,057,689: LCD having optical film for achieving wide viewing angle by compensating a phase difference

The case marks the first time a Korean company won a patent lawsuit against a Japanese company in Japan, the court says.
God damn thieves, i remember when samsung was close to the best brand out there. I own a samsung gxtv (gaming tv) and a hifi vcr and they are still working flawlessly. This is just like megan racing stealing apexi's designs for performance exhaust systems. I mean obviously there isn't going to be much of a diffrence in designs but if it's exactly the same they should have to pay something for using the design. This happens all the time, one company will pay thousands of dollars for research and development and another company will steal the plans and make more profit because they didn't have to spend on R&D. This is frustrating.

524.3.2009 14:53

Originally posted by DXR88:
Andre You Been drinking Vodka again cause this article only looks half finished.

it still looks unfinished. oh well perhaps i need some vodka myself.

624.3.2009 14:56

Eh looks like you have to subscribe to the wall street journal to read that link. Oh well, just google if you want more info.

724.3.2009 20:55

I have two Sharp LCDs. They're both very nice :)

825.3.2009 18:58

That's good, as long as the end consumer will benefit.

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