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Heat blamed for iPhone Wi-Fi problems

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Apr 2009 17:58 User comments (2)

Heat blamed for iPhone Wi-Fi problems Users of the older 2G and 3G models of Apple's iPhone have been reporting Wi-Fi problems since installing firmware v.2.2.1. Some users found that their Wi-Fi features no longer worked, and rolling back firmware to a previous version didn't even help. However, using the phone with an almost dead battery can get Wi-Fi working again. Refrigerating the phone also seems to get the Wi-Fi back temporarily - seemingly confirming the problem to be heat.
The current theory about the problem is that the Wi-Fi chip in some iPhones has been throttled back, but this restriction was lifted somehow by installing v2.2.1 firmware. Since a rollback doesn't work either, there has been speculation that a driver update included with the firmware may not be rolling back. Whatever the reason for it, there is plenty of concern that the damage may be permanent.

Some users have had their handsets replaced under warranty, with Apple suggesting to ask for a model without v2.2.1 software installed. "Just got off the phone with an Apple representative who didn't hesitate at all to make an appointment for me at my local Apple Store for a replacement iPhone with the note to NOT have the 2.2.1 OS installed," one poster commented on Apple's support forums.

Apple has stayed (as usual) silent on the issue, so affected users have no idea whether it is a software problem that can be fixed with a simple patch, or a permanent problem that will require a replacement handset.

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2 user comments

111.4.2009 18:38

staying quiet waiting for the warranty to run out

211.4.2009 22:15

I'm wondering if this is the same problem with the Ipod Touch 2G? I'm having problem with Wi-Fi connection problem.

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