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New Zune HD details emerge

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2009 11:00 User comments (9)

New Zune HD details emerge New details of Microsoft's upcoming "Zune HD" portable media player (PMP) have emerged. received some new pictures and tech details in its e-mail Inbox. The Zune HD will sport a multi-touch Organic Light-emitting Diode (OLED) display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It features TV-OUT support, with what appears to be a HDMI slot on the side of the device.
It will support HD multimedia playback (no information on maximum resolution) and HD content will become available from the Zune Marketplace. Another interesting note is that the Zune will support "3D Xbox games", but it's unclear how exactly this functionality will work, what will be its limits and what content will be initially available.

However, the information provided states that the new Zune will be available in 16GB and 32GB models, which is disappointing for a player that will be advertised as HD-capable. It supports wireless sync and comes loaded with a multi-touch ready browser too.

It is set to launch are September this year, and will also be available in territories outside the United States.

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9 user comments

115.4.2009 17:26

Looks nice! I can't wait.

215.4.2009 17:30

looks huge and big in the pocket. also the straight sides and stuff i don't like .

i would like a curvier look, it looks slicker and feels better in ur hand.

3D Xbox games? like 3D as in with 3d glasses ?

too bad it won't have phone capabilities (at least that's what it sounds like )

315.4.2009 18:24

I guess this could be my next MP3 player, as long as M$ doesn't ruin it like they seem to ruin everything else they make... Friggin stupid...

Well, actually, the current Zune is very nice but it's like they expect it to fly off the shelves or somethin... They don't push it at all :S

416.4.2009 15:49

Might be interested if they restored the 5 star rating system instead of the ridiculous heart/broken heart rating system (what are we, 5 year old girls?).
All my music is in WMP and rated 1-5 stars for various reasons. When you have a library of over 10,000 songs, having a player that's fully compatible with the interface you use is essential. Till then I'll stick with my Creative Labs Zen.
I like the TV out though, which the current Zune has (with the dock).

518.4.2009 9:07

They just keep trying to sell that line of junk.
Another shit brick.

619.4.2009 16:52

microsoft have good products,,,good microsoft lets go to kill the ipod

719.4.2009 18:29

Originally posted by mellisito:
microsoft have good products,,,
I lol'd :P

827.5.2009 22:16

I'm not used to RSS feeds, not really sure on the point of them. But I got to this message board using AfterDawn's RSS feed. This article said the resolution of the HDMI is unknown, but if you go to the website without using the RSS feed the article said a max of 720p, which sounds pretty crappy. But what gives on two differing stories? and (although a little of topic) whats the benfit of these RSS feeds?

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928.5.2009 21:51

I hope to see a Halo edition Zune next gen.
"ohhh"! is touch screen...i hate that.

...........And don't forget:remote control included

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