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SlingPlayer banned from App Store?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Apr 2009 17:36 User comments (8)

SlingPlayer banned from App Store? According to reports, SlingPlayer has become the latest service to have its iPhone application banned from the Apple App Store at the request of AT&T. SlingPlayer for iPhone was first introduced at MacWorld this year, and conformed to Apple's guidelines for user interface. However, just as it did with the Skype iPhone app, AT&T used possible excessive traffic on its network as an excuse to oppose its use on the iPhone.
Sling Media hasn't gotten any word from Apple yet on what the decision is for the application, and the website still states they've "submitted the first release of our application to the iPhone App Store." However, reported surfaced today that Apple made an executive decision this morning to reject the apps entry to the App Store.

If AT&T did in fact ask Apple not to add the SlingPlayer App due to network data traffic concerns, then Sling may have to do the same thing as Skype and limit the application to Wi-Fi only. However, there is also speculation recently that AT&T is working on its own mobile video technology, and it has silently changed its terms of services basically prohibiting the use of services like SlingPlayer on its network.

Of course, if AT&T doesn't manage to retain iPhone exclusivity, then Sling may have nothing to worry about soon.

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8 user comments

116.4.2009 18:13

I am going to bookmark this article so the next time I hear some Apple fanboy tell me that the Iphone is the greatest thing since sliced salami I'm going to point him here.

Sure, this Slingbox and Skype limitation is bad but it hints at other limits as well. Limits to programs such as ORB.

Certainly, you may read this article and say, "But it's AT&T doing this." And that is true, but only because they can on the Iphone.
I use AT&T with a WinMobile software phone and I can install ORB and other such programs and there is nothing AT&T can do about it.

This is exactly why closed OS's are bad.

216.4.2009 18:47

I was going to buy a sling box just because of this app good thing i didn't. At&T you guys suck!

316.4.2009 18:54

Glad to see Apple exercising it's monopoly status. </sarcasm>

416.4.2009 19:13

Being english I think My iPhone is the greatest thing since sliced bread

As for slingbox I prefer to watch videos on my 32" samsung lcd

516.4.2009 21:00

I smell anti-competition lawsuit coming.

617.4.2009 4:08

I am going to save AT&T lots of bandwidth by not signing up for a service plan.

Once they loose a bunch of customers to better companies, they will not have to worry about excessive bandwidth anymore.

If you want AT&T to do well, cancel your plan now! They are counting on you!

717.4.2009 13:39

it only shows that the Iphone is on its way out and that they (At+t )want to have complete control of all your content first dmr and now the new limitations ... since you cant have your Iphone fixed by anyone other then an apple rep its a monoploy so we the good people of the world should stand up and say enough its the same if you buy a mac its their os and their updates and oh yeah your money sad to see it go like this but how much money did bill gates get in stock options back in the day when he had microsoft port office over to the mac and create officeX ?but more people flock everyday to get more apple stuff and why unlike windows (pc) plateform machines Mac dosnt run games... isnt that an option most people want? hey im glad I bought a Storm and im happy d/l ing all the apps i want .....

817.4.2009 22:42

I am going to bookmark this article so the next time I hear some Apple fanboy tell me that the Iphone is the greatest thing since sliced salami I'm going to point him here.
If there was an invention better than the Iphone, I'm sure we would be talking about it.

Glad to see Apple exercising it's monopoly status.
I don't think that it's a monopoly, they just have the better product, there is nothing even close to it. You can buy another phone but it won't be an Iphone, simple.

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