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Sony joins digital theater conversion bandwagon

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Apr 2009 17:47 User comments (3)

Sony joins digital theater conversion bandwagon Sony Pictures has signed up to support a theater-chain upgrade that will digitally convert over 20,000 cinemas in the United States and Canada. This makes Sony the sixth major studio to back the initiative, which is expected to cost around $1 billion. The studios are backing the upgrade program with the Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP), a group of theater chains comprising Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Holdings Inc and AMC Entertainment Inc.
Walt Disney Co, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Lions Gate Entertainment have backed the plan along with Sony Pictures. The DCIP reported in October that it could complete the plan within three and half years starting with an early date in 2009, but some of the conversions have gotten delayed due to economic conditions.

Once outfitted with digital projectors, the theaters can easily be made ready for 3D movies. Hollywood studios have a growing interest in 3D movies, expecting that more consumers will be willing to go and see 3D movies at a higher price.

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3 user comments

117.4.2009 9:50

Add me to the list of people NOT willing to pay more for the cinema experience.

217.4.2009 11:01

It's nice to see that Theaters will improve the view experience. They think people are going to pay more just for the 3D experience? Hell no.
Where I live, the only to Theaters that were owned by my cousins for eons charged nearly 14$ a ticket and the viewing rooms resembled Anne Frank's house.
So a new Theater chain came in, offering a new facility to smalls towns and low ticket prices. In my town, I think the price was set at $4.25. This was good for about 2 years when prices were jacked to nearly $10 (back to square 1 again). Food is damn expensive enough. For me and my wife to go out and see a movie, plus snacks, we pay nearly $60 and we barely buy any food. So imagine if we had kids, we'd have to donate blood and take out a loan just to go to the movies.
The only time we do go to the movies is on a Tuesday, ticket prices are only $4.25 (Tuesday Cheap Night) with the inclusion of a few snacks, total is about $25.
So the Fat Cats up in imagination land think that what i pay now is nothing for what is on screen that i would benefit by paying more to see a 3D film? It's hard enough when money is tight and you just want to go out for a good time, but when times are tough and prices are jacked, how can anyone go out. Wouldn't it make more sense to have lowered prices in this Recession and not Bling-Bling Tags?
For example, the price of oil goes down yet gas continues to rise. You need oil to make gas so it makes more sense to lower gas prices right?
I'm done ranting now but to close my argument, not everyone can afford Gold-Molded straws to sip the most pricey of lifestyles everyday.

320.4.2009 16:59

I may consider actually going to see a movie if the price were the same and it was in 3D.

With current ticket prices, it is a no brainer to wait until the movie comes out on DVD, rent it to see if you like it, and then purchase it to watch over and over again. After all we didnt get brainwashed into purchasing high end HDTVs and surround sound equipment to use at home for nothing. The cost for my wife and I to see a movie is about the same as purchasing the DVD new.

The movie studios need to get their head out of the hole in the ground they have installed in their executive offices and actually look to see what the people want and can afford.

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