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Warner Bros. starts HD DVD trade-in program

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Apr 2009 14:06 User comments (10)

Warner Bros. starts HD DVD trade-in program Warner Bros. has launched a new HD DVD trade-in program today, allowing owners of Warner HD DVD titles to receive the same film on Blu-ray for a small fee.
Dubbed Red2Blu, the site allows you to "upgrade" your titles to Blu-ray for $4.95 USD ($9.95 for boxsets), without needing to trade in your actual discs, just the cover art (with UPC code) from the red HD DVD cases.

Shipping costs a flat rate $6.95 USD for up to 25 films, and Warner has all 128 titles available for "upgrade."

The site is very simple to use and I used it this morning to trade in 5 HD DVD titles. Final cost? $33 with tax to have 5 Blu-rays while keeping the HD DVDs is not a bad deal at all. If you are a big fan of the HD DVD cover art, then make replicas but make sure to send in the originals or your claim will be rejected.

Visit the site here: Warner Bros.

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10 user comments

122.4.2009 16:19

why would you want to trade hd for hd and pay money extra for it?

222.4.2009 16:23

So people that had HD DVD players and then switch to BR can keep everything in one place, use only one player.

322.4.2009 16:32

That is a sweet deal - hopefully they will bring it to the UK and mainland Europe but I fear it may only remain with the current offer for mainland USA and PR and HI.

422.4.2009 17:02

Better late than never I guess. Time to hit up Fry's for the "bargain" HD DVD's and add to my blue ray collection.

522.4.2009 17:39

Time to stock up on warner HD-DVD's, since in the future they'll be worth lots of money if they include the cover art. Right?

622.4.2009 17:48

I just bought an LG HD-DVD/Blu-ray player for my computer, which is in turn hooked up through my bad-ass home theatre center and I am going out of my way to buy HD-DVDs because the Matrix Ultimate Trilogy cost me a measly 41 dollars.

I agree with first person. Go out and buy an HD-DVD player and establish a collection for both. The cost of the HD-DVD discs will make up for the cost of buy a player.

723.4.2009 6:10

It's a bit late for going out and buying an HD-DVD player ( only second hand ebay models available ) and stocking up on discs although it varies according to where you live.

I bought in after the format flopped and bought a Toshiba XE-1 and over 200 films and tv serials at bargain prices ( 3- 7 )but that was a year ago when there were over 300 titles available

Now the online shops only have about 10% of that stock level available here in the UK and they are mainly crap films that nobody wants - better films are only offered for sale second hand on amazon and ebay at more money than the blu-ray equivalent as they become harder to get hold of !

823.4.2009 17:45

You can find HD DVD players if you look hard enough(I just don't know if it worth the hunt)because not even quite 2 weeks ago I was in a Walmart store and there was a Toshiba HD-DVD player for around 49.99 and I was thinking "they must be just trying to get that out of their system".

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924.4.2009 19:02

Not a bad deal, I think I only have 7 HD-DVDs and 4 of them are WB.

@tleewade I imagine someone who only bought a couple of handfuls of films would prefer to have them replaced for BluRays rather than keeping the player just so support those few films.

Even if this does come to the UK (and it won't) you can pretty much guarantee it wouldn't translate across the exchange rate well and we would be ripped off once again!

1014.5.2009 3:39

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