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Final Fantasy boosts PS3 Japan sales

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Apr 2009 21:24 User comments (5)

Final Fantasy boosts PS3 Japan sales The recent release of the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete and the release of a playable Final Fantasy XIII demo, boosted sales of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) by 45,826 units within a week. The console beat the other gaming consoles on the market for the week ending April 19, with a tally of 62,527 unit sales, according to data provided by Media Create.
Sales were also helped with by a "Cloud Black" special edition of the console. Nintendo's DS platform maintained its dominance in handheld gaming hardware sales with a total of 44,725 units sold, of which the new DSi variant of the handheld accounted for 38,287 units.

Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) did not lag too far behind the DS platform, moving 40,065 units. The Nintendo Wii console was next, selling 13,221 units in the period, a world different from the top selling figures it produced up until recently. It still outsold the Xbox 360, which moved 8652 units. Japanese consumers also bought up 4230 units of the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console.

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5 user comments

126.4.2009 9:41

I think you meant Final Fantasy XIII not XII

226.4.2009 11:00

Originally posted by Hyasuma:
I think you meant Final Fantasy XIII not XII

Wow its early, I thought they actually remade ff12 for ps3 lol. Then I remembered that I saw the movie over a year ago and there's no way they would bother putting resources towards that when it's taking them so damn long to finish 13.

Here in the states were going to have to wait until the end of the nov/dec the "planed" release date, but we all know how that usually goes. On a side note I really hope this game is better than 10 or 12, not to say that those were bad games but it just felt like they were missing something.

326.4.2009 11:32

Originally posted by Hyasuma:
I think you meant Final Fantasy XIII not XII

Thank You :-)

427.4.2009 12:52

I can't wait to play it. Looking forward to it.
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527.4.2009 20:22

lol , why are they still making final fantasies for PS3...

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