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German book publishers want Rapidshare blocked

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Apr 2009 21:26 User comments (3)

German book publishers want Rapidshare blocked A new Internet censorship bill that has broad Government backing in Germany is intended to block access to websites hosting child pornography. Recently, the music industry decided that if child porn sites should be targeted, so should file sharing websites; a seemingly exploitative demand to make considering the seriousness of child porn relative to music piracy.
Now a representative for the German book publishers association (Boersenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels) has come along with another stupid suggestion. Boersenverein chief counsel Christian Sprang used a media law forum in Cologne to add Rapidshare to the list of sites he'd like to see blocked.

"I don't see any other way than access controls to get to platforms like these that are based in foreign countries," said Sprang. He went on to deem one-click-hosters like Rapidshare as part of the "Internet mafia", complaining that ISPs help to fund them by buying advertising space on the sites.

Rapidshare has already cooperated with right's holders in Germany, handling takedown notices and even reportedly has helped to identify an uploader of a Metallica album.

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3 user comments

127.4.2009 2:18

Yes, rapidshare is very dare they allow people to share their documents! Heil Hitler!

227.4.2009 20:08

I do agree, "Heil Hitler!" :)

330.4.2009 9:47

To the "Heils"

You guy's are very opinionated and obviously living in the past(hence the heils). If people want to share stuff it it should be up to them.
Rapidshare is just the host. You as a downloader can then opt your choice and NOT download what is offered. As simple as that. But again I conclude this is beyond your reasoning as you are still living with backward ideas. Heil to that.

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