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Square Enix sued over 'hidden fees'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Jun 2009 1:28 User comments (4)

Square Enix sued over 'hidden fees' Square Enix has been sued today by a gamer who claims the company has been secretive about fees and late payment penalties in regards to the popular online RPG Final Fantasy XI.
Esther Leong of California has filed the class action lawsuit against the company, claiming they "deceived" as many as 100,000 paying customers.

The civil action lawsuit is seeking up to $5 million USD for the "unfair business practices, false advertising, and unjust enrichment" of the company's actions.

Technically, the suit claims Enix had unfair practices relating to their monthly fees on the game, as well as penalties for any missed or late payments and added charges for suspended accounts.

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4 user comments

126.6.2009 14:34

If he was to win, who would get the money?

226.6.2009 16:03

Him, As "He" is Suing the company.

327.6.2009 22:06

Ummm that is not completely true, since it is a "Class Action Lawsuit". Which means whoever the lawsuit applies to, gets a portion of the money if the lawsuit is won by the person who starts it. My mother has gotten a total of $7.35 in damages over a class action lawsuit which involved drugs that were officially released without proper warning as to the side effects. Plus watch the movie "Erin Brockovich" and that was a movie based off of a true Class Action Lawsuit against a power company in California.

428.6.2009 1:41

nah, its real simple yah see 14.99+14.99 the first 14.99 is when you tried ripping them off by removing your credit card number so they didn't charge you for that month i used do it all the time with the visa green card, the second 14.99 is for the new months play that way you can cancel and they still get there money. fair, no. trying to rip them of isn't fair either.

Take's a lot of money to host 14 servers.

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