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Firefox 3.5 final coming tomorrow

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Jun 2009 19:12 User comments (7)

Firefox 3.5 final coming tomorrow Mozilla has announced it will be releasing the final version of Firefox 3.5 tomorrow, the very last day of its own self imposed deadline.
The release comes little over a year after the official release of Firefox 3.0 and the distribution was accelerated by the quick release of release candidates, most of which were sent to users running 3.0.

Firefox 3.5, originally dubbed 3.1 but changed when more and more features were added to the release, will include a "faster JavaScript engine called TraceMonkey; a privacy mode, which some call "porn mode" for one of its more obvious applications; and location-aware browsing."

Also notably, the updated browser will include HTML5 support and other enhanced scripting features.

According to recent Net Applications statistics, Firefox owns 22.51 of current browser market share, behind the clear leader Internet Explorer at 65.5 percent but taking more share every day.

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7 user comments

130.6.2009 0:07

It's great to see Firefox 3.5 coming out.

Since Net Applications releases their statistics on a monthly basis, and with Firefox 3.5 coming out before the end of June, hopefully Firefox will hit a quarter-market (25%) share for it's first time in June, depending on what the cutoff is for Net Applications report.


230.6.2009 10:02

Says it is final
Firefox 3.5 download

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330.6.2009 11:24

Long time Opera user here, i gave up with Firefox ages ago, no real reason. However lately i've noticed that Opera is far too memory hungry (i leave most of my tabs open for days and weeks, but then don't most people?). Switched back to Firefox and a day after firing it up on 2 machines, far less memory usage for the same exact tabs.

Anyways, my point for posting was that i just 'checked for updates' and 3.5 is downloading now...

edit- installed, but i can't see anything different about it yet. Ah well at least it doesn't look like Google Chrome. Yay.

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51.7.2009 12:14

I have noticed an improvement in speed while using 3.5 compared to version 3 and 2. I am happy with it so far.

61.7.2009 13:07

I can't see any point to all these constant upgrades.. I'm on iceweasel which is still 2.5.something. FF doesn't play nice with debian and a few of the features with 3 just annoyed me... I tend to get used to what I have so I guess when things we rely on day in day out suddenly work differently it's a royal pain in the backside.... and getting flash to work.. or java.. when they move the bloody directories about with each major version update.. no thanks. I must have 5 different mozilla/mozilla-firefox/iceweasel default directories on this machine.. and honestly.. I don't have the foggiest which one handles the stupid plugins.

72.7.2009 4:28

All i wish to know is how much resources this new version is going to take up cause the last version of firefox i got was as bad as Internet Explorer and thats when i choose to go for Google Chrome instead.

The new features are admirable but i am sure the other browsers will code these features soon aswell.

Why dont u like chrome just wondering??

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