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Apple blocks Palm Pre with iTunes update

Written by James Delahunty @ 15 Jul 2009 9:55 User comments (7)

Apple blocks Palm Pre with iTunes update Apple Inc. has updated it's iTunes software to block use with the Palm Pre device. The recently-released device was compatible with the iTunes software, letting users organize media with the software just as they would with an iPod. An Apple spokesman commented that this update, "disables devices falsely pretending to be iPods, including the Palm Pre." Palm responded by reminding Apple who the real target of this change is.
"Apple's move is a direct blow to their users, who will be deprived of a seamless synchronization experience," Palm spokeswoman Leslie Letts said. She recommended that users stick to the older versions of iTunes or consider other music applications to organize the media.

Jon Rubinstein, a former Apple exec who played a big part in the iPod, became Palm's executive chairman in October 2007. The Pre has touch-screen control features like the iPhone. The recent awarding of a patent to Apple in January covering certain multi-touch functions may affect Palm and other companies eventually.

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7 user comments

115.7.2009 22:36

does mediamonkey work?

215.7.2009 23:51

Looks to me like theyre doing palm owners a favor.

316.7.2009 01:46

Originally posted by veyron:
Looks to me like theyre doing palm owners a favor.
I may have to agree with that! I am getting sick of itunes! I do hear that Doubbletwist works! I have used doubbletwist & it does remove DRM Fairly Well! I do not have a Pre yet... but i will find out in a few months!

416.7.2009 12:03

songbird should work

517.7.2009 07:58

You know if Microsoft said you could only use Microsoft branded keyboards, mice, webcams, etc.....They would be sued so fast (and rightly so) for anti-competative practices. How is it that Apple keeps getting away with their dictatorship? And no one bats an eye.

617.7.2009 10:49

Originally posted by pollution:
does mediamonkey work?
HELL YEAH!! Mediamonkey always works! And its about far far better then the crap-heap that is iTunes.

720.7.2009 23:11

Apple are dumb! Palm basicaly created a whole bunch of new customers for them, they had to do no work or effort to get these new customers Palm did that for them. That could of been potential revenue for Apple since Palm Pre owners may have decided hey since im on iTunes perhaps I might want to legally buy a song. I truly dont see how they think this is to their benefit. Not everyone wants an Ipod or an Iphone. The people out there who they are not reaching out to because of that reason could have still gave them their money and lmao they cut them off. What a bunch of dumb Fks! I own a Palm Pre and couldnt care less lol but it was nice to have the option when it worked.

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