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PSP Go up for pre-order

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2009 1:11 User comments (7)

PSP Go up for pre-order Amazon has begun offering the upcoming PSP Go handheld as a pre-order item, costing $249.99 USD, months before its official October release date.
The portable will be available in black and white colorways and will remove the UMD drive of traditional PSPs, as well as adding 16GB of internal flash memory and a new slider design.

All games and other content can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network via Wi-Fi. The new design also includes Bluetooth.

Check it here: Amazon pre-order

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7 user comments

118.7.2009 7:21

I was wondering what time of security we think Sony will employ to stop backups from being freely distributed among peers? Because on paper, it seems that it would be fairly easy to transfer content without restrictions. Also it would be a real advantage if you were able to play PS1 games, as you were on both the PSP 1000 and 2000 models. Either way, I shall be purchasing one as soon as they are released.

218.7.2009 15:01

i can play games with out umds on my 2000. Plus it doesn't have a stupid sliding screen. But it does have a darth vader. The only way i would buy this is if it had another analog stick

319.7.2009 4:56

This would be awesome if it were hacked AND cheap.

But both are deal breakers and both are false.

I like the smaller design and the 16gb internal memory, but fuck that's a high price for 16gb + the same console I JUST paid $180 for. Trade in program?

And I know Sony went all out on protection for this seeing as it's digital only.

419.7.2009 17:00

Still cheaper then an iPod Touch, and I'm sure that's what they are aiming for.

521.7.2009 4:04

I will definitely be upgrading to the PSP Go! when its released.

621.7.2009 5:49

My SPAM is the best

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723.7.2009 19:14

i heard tht u can download the games tht u have bought on umd for free obviously so tht u can play thm on the psp go. wats to stop ppl from claiming free official digital copies of games from their old back-ups or pirates from their old psp????

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