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Opera 10 browser released

Written by James Delahunty @ 01 Sep 2009 9:31 User comments (5)

Opera 10 browser released

Opera Software, the Norwegian developer of the Opera web browser, has released a stable Opera 10 update. The new update promises to provide its users with faster downloads and browsing, along with new features. The company said that Opera 10 is significantly faster than the competition on resource-demanding pages such as Gmail and Facebook. One of its new features is new full thumbnails of open tabs.
For those with low speed connections, Opera 10 includes a "Turbo" feature that packages web pages, which it claims can make Opera up to eight times faster than rival browsers. It is battling for third place in the browser arena with Google Chrome and Safari, but is also far behind the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox products.

"We have worked a lot on Opera Turbo technology and have also made major improvements on the overall product stability. This is the most stable Opera browser yet," Opera Software said. Opera's desktop browser is more popular in countries like Ukraine and Russia, whereas the Opera Mobile browser is widely used with mobile handsets. Some of Opera's touted features include...

  • Notes: Write down notes about the page you are viewing.
  • FastForward and Rewind: Opera tries to anticipate the page you want to go next and speeds up browsing by pre-loading the page.
  • Skinning: Changing the look of a browser has never been easier with Opera's new one-click skin install. Just pick and click once on any of the many skins available at MyOpera community.
  • Mouse gestures: Browse backwards and forwards, reload pages, close and open windows etc. with simple mouse gestures.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Triple your efficiency by getting rid of that ridiculous mouse and use fast and convenient keyboard shortcuts.

Download Opera 10 for Windows
Download Opera 10 for Linux
Download Opera 10 for Mac OS X

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5 user comments

11.9.2009 23:07

I like these new fearures. I want to try this i may try this for linux :)

23.9.2009 13:45

Good job Opera team!

33.9.2009 18:08

These are all very fine additions, but Firefox users probably aren't going anywhere because of the vast number of plugins. NoScript and Adblock Plus ftw :)

44.9.2009 06:11

I normally use Opera as well as other browsers, but now i don't bother with Opera as Firefox does all i need now. I even use an ancient v2 of Firefox on all my linux boxes.
Not knocking Opera though, it's a great browser, there's just so many out there..

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58.9.2009 12:41

Here's just one link that points to recent security issues with Firefox:

I was shocked to learn that Firefox has gotten much less secure.

Maybe Opera is worth a look in that department!

I learned some interesting things about what hackers might find on my system using this tool:

I read about it in the Bangkok Post, but unfortunately the on-line article has expired (July).

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