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Samsung OLED notebooks coming in 2010

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Sep 2009 22:20 User comments (3)

Samsung OLED notebooks coming in 2010 According to Samsung head of worldwide sales and marketing for PCs Kyu Uhm, OLED notebooks should be coming in 2010, as long as the industry continues to push for them.
Uhm, speaking at the ongoing IFA event in German, says: "Samsung is the largest OLED screen manufacturer. And as soon as it's available commercially for laptops we will adopt it. Probably sometime Q3 next year."

Samsung European product manager Patrick Povel, adds, via Electronista, that OLED-based notebooks will be the industry standard by 2014, citing numerous Gartner reports.

OLED is coming into favor because of how thin screens can be made with them, lower power consumption and much better color palettes as well as higher contrast ratios. OLED is currently used in MP3 players and other smaller devices, but has yet to hit mainstream in HDTVs due to high costs.

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3 user comments

15.9.2009 0:45

I wonder what the price tag will be on these puppies by then.

26.9.2009 15:15

What the article doesn't mention is the short life cycle of these screens, but that's what they're working on. That is why they won't be out till Q3 2010. They keep trying different organic compounds last I checked.

My question is why do we really need these right now when laptops just recently started using LED backlights (a much needed improvement). The battery life is good enough with those isn't it? Do we really need the higher color palette and CR?

327.9.2009 18:43

What is the shelf life of organic light emitting diode screens, and how much will it add to the price of the Samsung notebook? Most people in these difficult economic times prefer cheap laptops rather than expensive machines, so hoping Samsung can make these OLED notebooks cost effective for "Joe Public".

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